Why Fall is the Best Time to Move to New York City

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Real Estate


Moving to a new place comes with its own load of stress, but relocating to New York is something else. To say the city is a beehive is an understatement at the very least. New York is one of the biggest property markets in the world, so it is understandable why people choose it. It is not only the accommodation but the atmosphere as well. All the fashion, art, and culture you can think of flows through every street. There is also diversity that spans many cultures across the globe. So you are planning to move to New York City and are contemplating the best time to do it? Fall is considered ideal for several reasons.

Slow Market

Finding an apartment or home in New York City is no doubt a hassle, but fall is the one time that you can find what you need without stressing too much. For one, the market is slow, so you have better options for negotiating prices. The slow market means that building managers and owners are desperate to drum up business. Summer is usually a flurry of activities and homes get off the market in a matter of minutes. It is also the season when college graduates are moving in while others move out. So, the period after summer becomes the most favorable to house-hunt. Apartments tend to sit longer on listings during late fall up to winter.

It’s Off-Peak Season

A majority of people move during the summer because the kids are out of school and the weather is all sunny and beautiful. For this reason, summer is peak season, making the months that follow off-peak. Movers in New York, as with many other parts of the country, charge considerably less during the off-peak season. Organizing your move to New York during fall means that you get to save money. Moving companies also offer numerous fall promotions and deals that you can use. If it is a long-distance move, then you can capitalize on those off-peak rates.


Perfect Weather

Moving before fall means doing it when it’s hot and waiting for winter entails working in freezing conditions. Neither of these two options is pleasing when you have to pack, load, and unload. The weather in the fall allows you to carry out moving practices without getting heatstroke or suffering hypothermia. Both extreme heat and cold cause exhaustion at a fast rate, which will slow down the work. Moving during this time of year is comfortable for you and the movers.

Less Bustle

Summer is traditionally full of activities. It is the season when most colleagues are getting married, the family wants to go on vacation, children want to go to summer camp and a lot of other things. Juggling all these activities can be quite hectic without worrying about moving. On the other hand, winter means having to deal with holidays and the all the commotion that accompanies them. For some people, it is time to go on vacation. Fall comes with relatively fewer things to do. With less on your plate, you have the time to find a suitable moving company and plan without hurrying. The fact that you don’t have a million other things on the planner means that you can be flexible when picking the moving day.

Availability of Resources

Because not a lot of people are moving during this time, it leaves movers in New York without a lot of work. You have a myriad of choices to pick from when evaluating moving companies. It makes it less stressful to make comparisons between the most suitable movers in New York. You don’t have to worry about getting the last vehicle or having fewer movers to work with because the company is too swamped.

Finding other resources such as packing boxes and storage units is easier when people are not clamoring for them. It is not uncommon for a move to stall because there are not enough moving boxes or the moving company is out of wrapping foam for your grand piano. You can find the appropriate tools to pack your valuables safely without compromises.

Knowing how to time your move to New York can save you a lot of trouble and fall presents many upsides.

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