Getting Your Home Ready for Spring with Duce Construction Corporation

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As Spring finally arrives, we talked with Duce Construction Corporation, a full-service general contractor and construction management firm specializing in building and renovating high-end luxury homes in the Tri-State area, about how to prepare your home or apartment for seasonal changes. Office manager Janet McCreesh fills us in!

Downtown: Why is it important to prepare your home for each season? 

Janet McCreesh: It is important because temperature and humidity greatly influence your homes, and those factors vary widely in the Tri-State area each season. In the warmer months, high levels of humidity will cause wood to expand, and direct sunlight can damage artwork and fabrics. In the colder weather, pipes can freeze causing flooding, and low humidity levels can damage furniture, art, millwork, doors, and paint. Different HVAC equipment may be used for each season. This equipment should be maintained or adjusted.

Downtown: Why should we go with a professional company like Duce for our seasonal home preparation needs?

JM: We have over three decades of experience and an established standard of excellence. We have seen a lot of different homes and problems caused by lack of maintenance. Just like with dental care, we are trained to identify & remedy issues while they are still small & easy to fix, to preempt more costly & disruptive repairs in the future. A little professional maintenance goes a long way. We bring unparalleled expertise, quality, craftsmanship and professionalism to every job.

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Downtown: What are a few things that we should look for in an apartment dwelling to prepare for the coming spring season?

JM: Check around all windows and doors to make sure you don’t feel any drafts or moisture – if you do, openings should be repaired before the April showers descend. All filters should be changed in air conditioners, air purifiers and HVAC units. Check hinges on doors and drawers for any squeaks (as humidity levels increase, doors and drawers will swell & tight ones can stick!). Clean the dust from refrigerator grills and coils. If any cracks have formed in corners over the drier winter months, caulk over them to keep pests out.

Downtown: What should homeowners with large houses, beach houses, or winter houses consider?

JM: Homeowners should check around their water heaters for signs of leaks, look closely at all stone surfaces (counter tops) for signs of cracks, and inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper operation. Check all faucets for leaks, clean aerators, and replace washers if necessary. Clean out dryer vent dust traps to increase the machine’s efficiency & prevent duct fires. Replace filters in all HVAC systems. Check system for proper operation and perform any oiling adjustments.

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