Many Employees Quitting Jobs at Workplaces That Are Not Pet-Friendly

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Family, Lifestyle, Pets

A recent poll has been carried out among employed pet owners, and the results show that people are making huge changes based on their pets. This seems to have come about partly because of the pandemic when people became used to being around their pets all the time and working from home with their pets with them as their companions throughout the day.

The survey was carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Vetster, which launched a National Pet Day initiative on April 11th. This would involve employers giving their employees a day off to raise awareness of the increasing importance of having pet-friendly workplaces. The results of the survey have surprised many and have shown just how reliant people have become on having their pets as their companions even during the working day.

What the Survey Showed

The survey showed a number of interesting facts about pet owners who work, and this is something that could end up changing workplaces in the very near future. According to the survey results:

·         Close to two-thirds of pet owners have left a job to find alternative employment at a pet-friendly workplace

·         More than two-thirds of employees would be prepared to take a pay cut in order to work in a pet-friendly workplace

·         48 percent of workers said that they were more productive when their pet was around

·         46 percent of pet owners said that their pets helped them to make new friends at work and break the ice

·         Nearly 40 percent of pet owners said that their pets helped them to avoid burnout

Top-rated vets in New York are now hoping to raise awareness of these issues with the National Pet Day initiative, and it could help to change the way employers operate in relation to pet-friendly workplaces.

It was also discovered that 71 percent of the 2,000 people who took part in the survey said that they would find it more beneficial to work in a pet-friendly office now compared to before the global pandemic.

According to the data, cats and dogs can help to provide increased comfort and relaxation to workers. Rodents were found to help break the ice while smaller pets such as rabbits and ferrets were found to help owners in terms of productivity.

Many people were also keen to point out that taking their pets to work helped them to make friends more easily, and this is something that can contribute to teamwork. Around 80 percent of respondents also admitted to feeling less anxious when their pet was present.

Many Benefits Highlighted

Officials from Vetster have pointed out that there are many benefits that can come from workers being allowed to take their pets to work. This includes the creation of a more positive culture at work and the ability to improve mental health among workers.

It also means that pet owners can continue to benefit from working with their pets around rather than having to go back to leaving their pets behind all day. 

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