4 Ways to Try Treating Your Acne Before Going to the Dermatologist

    Acne tends to show up during the most inopportune times, whether it’s a date night, photoshoot, or another occasion. While we all hope to hide our pimples, keeping them at bay is easier said than done. A visit to a dermatologist may be the best solution...

Sisley Paris Treats Downtowners to an Evening of Pampering, Showcasing 2022 Skincare and Makeup

The French luxury brand Sisley Paris invited a special group of Downtowners to a private evening showcasing their new 2022 skincare and makeup lines.

Pisterzi: Cutting Through the Chaff

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art changes the way New York men look at grooming with a unique approach to the barbershop experience.    An unlikely shelter hides in the heart of downtown. Freezing winds, erratic snows, and city stress fall away in Pisterzi Italian...
My Top Shelf

My Top Shelf

In the fashion of the millennial-favorite beauty blog, Into the Gloss, here is Downtown’s own edition of Top Shelf: an...

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