Top Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Hands

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While many of us were already aware of the importance of regular hand washing to prevent the spread of dirt and germs,

the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic certainly brought it into the spotlight. As a result, we all know how vital it is to wash our hands regularly and have discovered new ways for when and how to do it properly. Still, it doesn’t hurt to know more tips for taking better care of our hands. After all, we use them every day for a variety of purposes, so why not treat them with respect!


Only wash with lukewarm water


Coldwater and soap is still an effective way to wash your hands, but lukewarm water is certainly the best temperature to properly kill germs and remove dirt. Hot water can actually dry out your skin and remove useful natural oils from our skin. In addition, teach kids about using the right temperature in order to prevent them from scalding their hands with hot water. Some modern faucets have temperature limiters and also contactless operation, so maybe now is a good time to update your kitchen and bathroom fittings.


Use only premium soap


Many experts said that antibacterial soap isn’t necessarily better at removing germs than any other type of soap. Therefore, go with a quality brand that moisturizing properties in their soap in order to prevent skin from drying. Certainly, the use of hand lotion can decrease dryness, but using moisturizing soap from the beginning is a better move for your hands. Consider handmade options from local manufacturers that aren’t full of so many binding ingredients that dry out the skin. Also, remember to wash your hands for around 15 seconds, taking care to reach the wrists, backs of the hands, in between the fingers and even underneath the fingernails. Hand sanitizer is okay when you’re outside and on the move, but don’t overdo it as frequent use can strip away good bacteria and even make you more likely to get sick.


Protect your hands as much as possible


It’s not only the use of hand lotion that helps protect our hands when we’re living our lives, but also gloves! Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital to use gloves when riding public transport or touching door handles for restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. As well, when cleaning the house or washing the dishes, use gloves that will protect your hands from all the chemicals and hot water you’re likely to be in contact with when doing these tasks. If there are several people living in your home, it’s not a bad idea to give each person their own hand towel in the bathroom, as this helps to prevent germs from spreading to each other.

General tips for healthier, better hands
Top Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Hands

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  • Consume foods and drinks with plenty of antioxidants, such as berries, green vegetables, green tea, and even dark chocolate.


  • Perform exercises that involve stretching your wrists and each individual finger. Ball your hands into fists, then relax, and repeat this several times. Also, grab a stress ball and work with over the course of the day. 


  • Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins from your skin.


  • Don’t forget to put sunblock on the backs of your hands to lessen wrinkles caused by UV rays.


  • Remember your nails! A manicure is a great way to freshen up your nails and keep them in good shape. Refrain from biting them (very unhygienic) and always cut them in a way that follows the curvature of the fingers. You’d be surprised how good your hands will feel when you treat them the right way.


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