British Invasion For Men

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British M, is one of Korea’s top luxury salon hair brands.  It is known for its innovative technology and commitment to the environment and a healthier world.

Great news, it is OK if she used your products, the morning after. British M products are gender-neutral, eco-friendly, recyclable, and made from sustainable resources with no animal testing. So far so good.

British M products have been known to be used by celebrity stylists including those in the high-powered Korean music and entertainment industries.  Let’s see what this masculine guy from Florida thinks!

I consider myself a well-rounded groomer, I believe in staying in shape, and opening doors for my date. I love to cook, that’s thanks to my Grandmother, who believed men too should know their way around the kitchen.

Too many men fail to recognize the importance of personal hygiene, staying in shape, showering, and being well-groomed. Don’t just slap on any cologne, or grab your brother’s hair products, and for some guys, you know who you are, showering when you think you need it, is out of the question.

Be sure to look for quality over quantity, stop using poor-quality hair products, filled with chemicals, they can cause harm by affecting your scalp and hair follicles. Do your research when it comes to picking hair care products, trust me, ingredients & formulations matter.

No more using the combed shampoo, conditioner, if you shop for the least expensive products you’ll get what you pay for.

BRITISH M Airy Wave Cream

After sampling British M products over the last 2 weeks, here’s my review. I was not thrilled with the scent from the Wave Cream but felt it offered moisture to my hair, especially with living in Florida, my hair tends to get dry. It was easy and flexible to work with.


The British M. Dandy paste was one of my favorites. It offered volume and held my hair firmly in place without causing a sticky residue.

BRITISH M Kombucha Shampoo

The Kombucha shampoo is of good quality, the scent it’s sweet but offers a natural smell, definitely unique and masculine. I’m not a fan of over potent fragrance, it tends to fight with our cologne.

BRITISH M Kombucha Mask

Their Kombucha Mask, I enjoyed, the scent, not too overpowering again, a fresh clean scent. After the mask treatment, I did notice the difference in my hair.

BRITISH M Urban Matte Clay

The matte clay reminded me of professional barber styling wax. I like the sculpting results it gave my hair an all-day hold. The scent was fresh and not overbearing.

All in all, I give British M’s product a 7 out of 10, reasonably priced, you can purchase on Amazon and I was cool with the results.

Sean Capobianco Men’s Grooming Editor

Check back to see more of my reviews!

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