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When it comes to men’s grooming…

It’s almost 2022, we’ve gone from luxury highrise, private offices to home -offices, dining out to becoming gourmet home chefs, and dining in, from text message dating to online video dating, and a pandemic that does not want to go away!

Let’s make some major changes in 2022. Men have become more aware of self-grooming, body image, and hygiene, and for this we applaud you. Ladies, let’s admit that when a great smelling man walks by we quickly turn around and want to follow, or better yet get his number.

Here are some tips for men to start off on the right foot.

1. Brush and floss your teeth daily – you only get one real set of teeth. Then pucker up for a night of smooching
2. Trim the eyebrows – look in the mirror if they look bushy they are. Don’t let those bushy eyebrows get in the way of our loving gaze
3. Keep your ears and neck hair-free – just ask your hairstylist or barber to keep you manscaped. The hair on your ears and neck is not attractive. Would you want to see your girl with a mustache or ear hair?
4. Less is more with your fragrance, women love the scent of a man, that’s why we steal your shirts
5. Trim the nose hairs – yes, it sounds trivial and basic but it can make difference whether you get a second date 
6. Tailor your clothes -we don’t want to think you’re wearing your father or uncle’s hand-me-downs. The right fit is sexy, no matter your size
7. Take the time to match your belt to your shoes – if you have a pair of black and brown dress shoes and a black and brown belt you are on the right track.
8. Hands, keep your nails grooming and short – if you cannot clip them then book an appointment with the nearest spa, you may even meet the one
9. Good facial cleansing is a must – good products can make your cleansing routine exciting

For some help and advice visit, The Grooming Lounge a source for men’s grooming solutions. They provide solutions on their website, Barbershops + Men’s Spa. 

Check out their barber-formulated Grooming Lounge products

The Grooming Lounge’s mission is to arm Men with confidence through their grooming products and services.





The Grooming Lounge was founded back in 1999 by men with just the right experience in the men’s grooming and fashion industry. After serving as the “un-official grooming gurus/suppliers” to their male friends they decided to make it official by creating a grooming brand incorporating shops, and an informative website. Giving men or women, the opportunity to purchase their male custom blended products.



The one important grooming habit ever a man should know. Even if you have a beard shaving is still required. The best shaving products and proper shaving techniques can make it a simple, enjoyable, and luxurious ritual. Enjoy feeling smooth, refreshed. Try new men’s shaving supplies or be sure to stock up on your favorite essentials,





Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner 

Just because 2021 brought casual to the forefront of our fashion and grooming, it’s still important to take care of yourself.

One of the best ways to get yourself mentally and physically into the work mindset is to continue with your morning routine, shower, get fully dressed, have a healthy breakfast, start a skincare routine and hygiene routine.

Every man wants to have a great head of hair


Grooming Lounge has everything you need, from their own special formulas of men’s hair care products to leading brands to maintain a brilliant head of hair.



The best beard and mustache

Grooming Lounger has the best products for men to grow, maintain and style their facial hair. Beards have made their way back, and it looks like they are here to stay. Purchase all your men’s beard grooming products for a perfectly groomed beard. From beard oils, wash, balms, brushes, and all-around beard kits, find your favorite at the Grooming Lounge.



Skin and Body Care 

If you’re a guy who truly cares about the way you look, you’re not going to the supermarket to buy your grooming supplies. Healthy skin starts with a daily skincare regimen. Men, remember the importance of having a fresh and clean, smelling face and body, and don’t neglect your hands.







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