We Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

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In a world fixated by aesthetics, it’s always important to put your best foot forward.

While we’d all very much like to be judged on the content of our characters, we really don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Creams, lotions, makeup, accouterments, and haute couture can only go so far. When it comes to feeling your best, sometimes appearances really do matter.

The image we project to the world is a combination of our self-confidence and the manner in which the world perceives us. For those of us who are tired of looking less than our best, help is close at hand. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is readily available to a growing contingent of eligible individuals. For those who enjoy being able to upgrade their lifestyles, their appearances, and their status in life, plastic surgery may just be the go-to option.

What About the Costs of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic and reconstructive surgery can run into tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of procedure being performed. The eponymous name is a derivation from the Greek‘Plastikos’ which refers to the molding process. For those who desire the surgery for aesthetic purposes, money always factors into the equation. The costs are excessive, but with a Plastic Surgery Loan, many more people are finding this elective or necessary procedure much more affordable. For 2020, a sample of costs was listed as follows:

– Rhinoplasty – $5,400
– Full Body Tuck – $20,000
– Breast Augmentation – $3,500 – $4,000
– Gluteoplasty Augmentation – $4,000 – $5,000


We Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

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The aforementioned costs do not tell the full story. There are thousands of dollars in costs for the OR and the anesthesia. For medically necessary surgery, insurance can pay a big chunk of the costs. For elective procedures, it’s all on you.

Various loan options currently exist, such as HELOCs, 401(k) loans, medical cards, personal loans, and credit cards too.

For more info on loans for plastic surgery, check out the data at Best Medical Loans. The list of reputable lenders includes the likes of Prosper, Eloan, and Upstart.

What Exactly is Plastic Reconstructive Surgery?

Plastic Surgery is not about removing body parts and replacing them with plastic components. On the topic, it’s worth pointing out that there are notable differences between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. These are in fact two different disciplines. The objectives of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery are uniquely different.

On the one hand, Cosmetic Surgery is only focused on making a person look better. It is a vanity procedure and considered elective surgery. Many examples abound, including Body and Facial Contouring procedures, Skin Rejuvenation with fillers, Botox, and laser, and Breast Enhancement. In all cases listed above, Cosmetic Surgery is designed to make you look your best by medically enhancing your body appearance.

Plastic Surgery is a surgical procedure that is expressly designed to reconstruct face and body defects, repair damaged skin, and other dysfunctional areas. Cosmetic Surgery is a cut above plastic surgery’ and requires additional training. Overall, Plastic and Reconstructive

Surgery is performed by the same surgeon. The most common types of plastic surgery include Hand Surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Congenital Repair Surgery, Burn Repair Surgery, and Lower Extremity Reconstruction.

While the US Board of Plastic Surgery includes Cosmetic Surgery as a component, the training requirements include areas like Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Face Surgery, Breast Surgery, and others.

After a post-graduate residency is completed (3 years general surgery + 3 years of plastic surgery) + 5-year residency program in general surgery + 3 years plastic surgery program.

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