Working From Homme: How Men Are Keeping Fresh In The Time of Zoom

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Beauty, Featured, Featured, Hair, Skincare, Supplements

The city that never sleeps is stuck indoors, but in some ways, we are closer than ever. One of those ways is literally: thousands of New Yorkers are discovering that their office camera shows off the zits on their faces, or let your coworkers know every detail of your abandoned hair ritual. There are office Zoom calls, GoToMeetings, and Google Hangout happy hours with your coworkers, not to mention Facetimes with friends and family. Personal hygiene and grooming are more crucial than ever, and men are being left behind. Let’s face it: we’re out of practice and have fewer options from which to choose.


Homme’s Body Wash contains charcoal to absorb toxins and impurities from skin.

Homme, a men’s personal care product company, noticed our plight. Developed over the past three years, Homme offers a range of products from shampoo, body wash, hand soap, styling wax, pre-shave oil, post-shave lotion, and face serum. Free from harmful sulfates and parabens, Homme’s products can help you feel refreshed, as well as helping you create fresh new looks with their wax matte and wax shine. Downtown’s associate editor Dan Metz has tried it and loves it. The shampoo is now his go-to choice, and the wax matte helps him look his best for online hangouts. If it works this well up close, it will work even better when we can meet people outside again. 

Restaurateur, Creative Director, and former track-and-field athlete Mathias Krigh says his fascination with beauty and health started young. “I come from a family of three generations of barbers,” Krigh says. “My grandfather opened his first salon in 1945, and my younger brother was just named barber of the year”. So his pivot to skincare, with the launch of HOMME, is a natural evolution.

Developed over the past three years, the brand offers a range of products from shampoo, body wash, hand soap, styling wax, pre-shave oil, post-shave lotion, and face serum. All products are vegetarian and free from sulfates and harmful parabens and the formulations are developed and originate from Sweden, a country long known for its use of natural ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. In a nod to the founder’s Scandinavian heritage they all have a signature scent of tea tree and birch tree. Developed by a core team of experts recognizing the obvious differences in product need and formulation, mens grooming which was once taboo, deserves to be taken seriously.

“Our products are not created with the man as an afterthought –– our focus is right there in our name”, Krigh notes. For HOMME, that means grooming and hair treatments are front and center and the products are introduced through select retailers and salon partners in New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. The price is also characteristically simple, and all HOMME products cost $25, or $20 with a yearly subscription that delivers 15 products directly to your door. In addition, the brand will open its own concept store in New York. 

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