Simon Ardem’s New Stella Bridal Collection

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Bridal, Fashion, Featured, Featured

Love is still in the air. The latest collection from Simon Ardem–the Stella Bridal Collection–is an homage to the co-founder’s wedding in Venice nineteen years ago, drawing inspiration from the architectural wonders of the city. This husband and wife team, Ardem and Cynthia Aslanian have been running Simon Ardem for thirty years. They both have extensive backgrounds in fine arts and in diamond jewelry and collaborate on every piece in order to create quality rings with tasteful designs, ultimately creating exceptional jewelry for your every need.

Ardem and Cynthia Aslanian Founders

The collection features engagement rings and wedding bands made from platinum and rose gold as well as a variety of different diamond cuts, everything from emerald to princess.  The Bovolo engagement ring. The Bovolo engagement ring is a square, Asscher cut platinum ring. Inspired by the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo in Venice, Ardem Aslanian describes it as “an architectural jewel translated into a wedding jewel.” Several of the pieces in the collection find their designs inspired by the architecture of Venice. Of this, Ardem says, “Venice stands out as one of the most unique places in Italy, not just for the canals it’s famous for, but for its rich history in the arts. The craftsmanship of its city and architecture has stood the test of time. Our inspiration for the Stella Bridal collection pays homage to this beautiful Italian city.” The Dandolo engagement ring–named after Venetian Doge Enrico Dandolo–is made from 18k rose gold. It is set with a round, brilliant diamond on a band of pink diamonds. The Loredan ring takes its name from the House of Loredan, a Venetian political dynasty that can trace its origins back hundreds of years. It features an oval-cut diamond set in platinum prongs on a delicate 18k rose gold band. The Galleon wedding band. In addition to four unique engagement rings, this new collection also features several wedding bands. The Galleon, one such eternity band, can be purchased with either emerald or oval cut diamonds set in platinum. Of the choice to use rose gold and platinum as the main colors that make up this collection, co-founder Cynthia Aslanian says, “The warm pink tone of rose gold is a perfect complement to pure platinum, adding a unique twist to this timeless collection.” To purchase items from this collection and to see more of the beautiful work created by Simon Ardem, visit their website or follow them on Instagram!
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