What Makes These Hotels Special?

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A Peek into Some Award-Winning Hotels in NYC

NYC is at the pinnacle of modern civilization. With an all-inclusive society, serene ambiance, and a well-rounded city that never sleeps, NYC never goes missing from a traveler’s bucket list. For the average traveler or visitor, there are a few pillars that make or break the status of the overall experience. While some of them are food, acceptance, warmth, and nightlife, one of the more obvious ones get neglected—in this case, hotels. 

It is About the Experience

As with most other ventures, hotels in NYC exist in one of the widest possible spectrums to cater to all kinds of audiences. For the niche audience, though, a great stay is quintessential. Granted, hotel accolades do not tell the whole story, but they provide an accurate list of the kind of experience one might have in their stay in the bustling city. 

Here are some award-winning hotels that one definitely needs to check out in their stay in NYC. 

The Thayer Hotel

Contrary to the norm, winning awards actually creates more positivity than hubris. The psychology behind it is that the said body starts upping the ante, and The Thayer Hotel is a manifestation of it. 

Bagging TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice or Lux Life’s accolades weren’t enough for The Thayer Hotel, it seemed. As is evident from picturesque bedrooms, Presidential and Executive suites, The Thayer Hotel aims for nothing but perfection. Additionally, its location is such that one gets to appreciate the idyllic Hudson Valley, the charming river towns, and of course, the wineries. 

A hotel is also judged by the quality of the food it provides.  In this sphere too, The Thayer Hotel has etched its position as is apparent from OpenTable Diner’s Choice Award, The Thayer Hotel also has a great deal to offer when it comes to indoor dining and associated luscious delights. 

Additionally, The Thayer Hotel also has a few things to offer for the beverage connoisseur. Having the only rooftop bar between NYC and Albany, The Thayer Hotel has a charm of its own.

In this regard, if there is any other attribute that determines the kind of bar experience one might have, it has to be the state of the furnishing. The Thayer Hotel takes pride in its furnishing being done by restaurantfurniture.net, establishing its presence as a bar meant for the esoteric masses.


Firmdale Hotels—The Whitby Hotel

Located in the heart of upper midtown Manhattan, The Whitby Hotel is an elegant conglomeration of art, aesthetics, design, and pragmatics. The location is as pristine as the hotel itself—after all, a couple of blocks away from Central Park—suffices it to be tagged as an appropriate location. 

Rooms and suites are plentiful. Suffice it to state that the 86 intricately crafted rooms should definitely be visited, if not stayed in altogether. Keeping the idea of having good quality sleep at night, The Whitby Hotel is equipped with equipment in the bedroom that aids in better slumber. 

Additionally, some of these rooms are attached with windows crafted from the bottom to the ceiling itself, adding to its already magnificent design aspect. 

If that did not suffice, private terraces with the prepossessing view of the Manhattan skyline should be enough to render any visitor flabbergasted. The prestigious Best Suite USA, Sleeper Awards Ahead Magazine 2018 that was awarded hence, seems to be justified. 

The Whitby Hotel has another intriguing aspect that perhaps can be comprehended by very few counterparts. It justifies winning the New York Knockout Award, Tatler Travel Awards 2017 with its state-of-the-art New York Film Club. After all, how many hotels can guarantee such a mind-blowing theatre experience? 


Lotte New York Palace

located in the heart of Manhattan, Lotte NY Palace is by far one of the most iconic places to stay. As suggestive of the name itself, it is in fact, no less than a palace.

Having one of the most intricately carved accommodations along with its new Royal Suite collection, the NY Palace is a must-stay for the right audience. It fits various other purposes too. Right from important business venture meetings to grand weddings, Lotte NY Palace seems like the most appropriate venue for it all. 

A great stay is judged by the accolades it deserves. Perhaps that is why Lotte NY Palace has been awarded the US Leading Lifestyle Hotel title for seven years in a row now. Not to mention, being awarded the World’s Leading Hotel in 2012 speaks volumes about the stay itself. 


To Conclude

NYC is an astonishing, yet enthralling place. Right from the welcomeness of Harlem to the awe-inspiring work of art that Manhattan is, a visit to NYC is bound to leave one fascinated—and a great hotel will act as a catalyst to accentuate this feeling. 

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