Steinway & Sons Launches Hi-Res SPIRIOCAST, With Kris Bowers Performance

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Culture, Entertainment, Events, Music, News

Photo: Chronicle Media Lab/Monic Félix

Steinway & Sons recently made history with its first public SPIRIOCAST. During the launch, Steinway artist and Oscar®- Emmy®- and Grammy®- nominated composer Kris Bowers performed a short set at their Beverly Hills location, and his performance was enjoyed remotely, in real-time, in the recital room at Steinway Hall New York City, along with dozens of other locations around the country.

Photo: Erin Clendenin 

This “live” cross-country performance signaled the next step in the evolution of the piano with Steinway & Sons’ SPIRIOCAST, high resolution, live broadcast from one SPIRIO | r, the world’s finest high-resolution player piano, to another.

Following the SPIRIOCAST premiere, Kris Bowers said, “I am delighted by the possibilities that SPIRIOCAST offers me both as a pianist and as a composer for moving my music forward.”

“Steinway & Sons has always represented the high note in craftsmanship and the Spirio line of player pianos are just a continuation of the brand’s history of excellence,” says Deb Martin, Editor in Chief, Downtown Magazine. “The new iteration, SpirioCast, is brilliant because besides being an acoustically perfect instrument, it also brings concert-level performances right into your home. What could be better than that? It’s exciting to think that a vast catalog of musical performances is literally at your fingertips.”

In 2020, Academy Award winner Jon Batiste (co-composer, Soul) graced the cover of Downtown Magazine’s Creators issue, and was photographed giving an impromptu performance on a Steinway & Sons Baby Grand Piano at 3 World Trade Center.

For more information on Steinway & Sons’ SPIRIO technology, visit

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