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Dogpound trainers run individualized Virtual Personal Training (VPT) via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, and more.


With the recent pandemic closures, our routines have switched from in-person to virtual. Without our NYC average of 8800 steps per day, our fitness needs to go virtual, too. We reached out to Dogpound’s Head of Training and Development Lala Duncan to get the scoop on their virtual training program.

Downtown Magazine: We see a lot of gyms selling pre-recorded VPT, what is the difference? Lala Duncan: Many gyms and fitness professionals started selling pre-recorded workout programs before the pandemic, given the low cost and ease of access of these programs. That market has grown with COVID.


Clients get to have access to a DP trainer with them whether they are at home, on vacation


Pre-recorded programs are great for people to stay active during uncertain times, but these are workout programs designed to appeal to a wide range of people. They are not designed for any one individual and, after a period of time, clients can become unmotivated and bored because of the lack of accountability or personal attention. Most people who purchase pre-recorded programs end up paying for programs they don’t use.

That is why Dogpound offers individualized VPT based on your goals and available equipment. Clients get to have access to a DP trainer with them whether they are at home, on vacation, or at a quarantine destination (Hawaii and St. Bart’s).


DTM: What does one need to prepare for VPT?

LD: Whether you are a current or new client, we ask each client to answer a short questionnaire about their fitness goals, time commitment and expectations as well as what type of equipment, if any, you have to train with at home. Once we have that information, the trainer can devise a long-term plan to keep their training and on track.


Clients with mild to moderate depression, sleep deprivation, and anxiety

DTM: Are clients staying motivated?

LD: In the beginning, there was the fear of “losing my gains.” People were rushing to buy dumbbells and weights or whatever they could get their hands on just to stay fit, not really knowing how long this would last. After a couple of months, I noticed that there was a slump in motivation with a lot of my clients. I had clients that were suffering from mild to moderate depression, sleep deprivation, and anxiety all brought on by the uncertainty of the pandemic. Some days my sessions would consist of talking and light stretching. Especially for New Yorkers, we were in the thick of it. For some of my clients, our VPT session would be the only interaction they had with anyone all day or week. Our amazing staff of trainers takes this responsibility very seriously. It’s not just about working out; it’s about health, longevity, and ultimately happiness.

“I now see clients more than I did in the actual gym”

DTM: Are clients getting the same results from virtual training?

LD: More, actually. Originally the goal was just to keep people moving and motivated. Now the goal is to keep progressing people forward in their long-term fitness goals. About 3/4 of my clients have set up some kind of home gym, whether it be some dumbbells and kettlebells or full gyms with squat racks and weights. Since we have started the VPT at Dogpound, I now see clients more than I did in the actual gym.

DTM: Do you think VPT here to stay?

LD: Absolutely! As the saying goes, it takes 30 days to create a habit, 60 days to make progress, and 90 days to see results. It’s not going anywhere; Virtual training is truly the new virtual reality.

If you are interested in signing up for virtual sessions with Lala Duncan or other Dogpound trainers, you can contact their NYC location at info@thedogpound.com or their LA location at lainfo@thedogpound.com

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