Luxurious Pet-Friendly Downtown Hotels

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Hotel 50 Bowery

Image: Grand SoHo Hotel.

Traveling can be tough for a pet owner. The thought of leaving your best friend behind is undesirable, to say the least. But fret no more  New York is actually one of the most pet-friendly hotels throughout cities in the world, with a variety of hotels that will accommodate you and your pet with extreme care and amiability. Even better, some of the most luxurious pet-friendly downtown hotels in Manhattan is located downtown. If you want the best for your loyal friend you’ll love these hotels: Conrad New York (102 North End Avenue, 10282), Soho Grand Hotel (310 West Broadway, 10013), Tribeca Grand Hotel (2 Ave of the Americas, 10013), and Trump Soho (246 Spring St, 10013).


Conrad New York

Image: Conrad New York.

The Conrad New York is one of the most gorgeous hotels to sojourn in all of Manhattan. It is situated in the dynamic and beautiful downtown Wall Street neighborhood. This Pet-Friendly Downtown Hotel has rooms which are globally renowned for their luxurious design. Not only is the Conrad one of the best hotels in New York, but also it accepts pets. If you want to treat yourself and your furry friend, Conrad Hotel is the place for you.


Image: SoHo Grand Hotel.

The SoHo Grand Hotel requires no additional charge for your pet’s stay. Organic food from Bocce’s Bakery, bedding, water bowls and doggy bags are all included in the exquisite service that the hotel provides. The hotel is not only a Pet-Friendly Downtown Hotel but its equipped with an exclusive Dog Park, designed by Rebecca Cole, with fire hydrant water stations and bespoke benches, open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.


The SoHo Grand Hotel

Image: TriBeCa Grand Hotel.

The TriBeCa Grand Hotel, upon request, will provide you with pet bedding in various sizes, food and water bowls, complimentary treats at the front desk, and kitty litter boxes  all with no extra cost. In each room, at one’s disposal, guests can find a pet food room service menu. Don’t have time to take out your dog, or stay in the room with your pet? The concierge at this happy pet – friendly downtown hotel will be happy to arrange a dog-walker, a pet sitter, pet spas, and veterinary care.

blend in view of city from M files

The TriBeCa Grand Hotel,

Image: Trump SoHo Hotel.

The Trump SoHo Hotel has its own ‘Pets Program’ consisting of gourmet treats, plush dog bedding, and dog-walking services through ‘Trump Attache’, or concierge. Moreover, each room in this pet-friendly downtown hotel comes with in-room dining menus, water bowls with fresh bottled water, toys, and maps of outdoor dog-friendly parks.

Traveling can be tough, well then, let’s make it simple, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy the best pet-friendly hotels downtown in Lower Manhattan, where you and your furry friend will be treated like royalty.

-Angelica Gianni 

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