The Brand New Fulton Center Is About To Open Its Doors

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There’s been a lot of talk, excitement, speculation and plenty of impatience about the Fulton Street station. It’s been a work in progress with the concept first getting approved back in 2002, an initial opening planned for 2007 and then Hurricane Sandy causing all kinds of devastation and delays. But now opening day may be right around the corner.

What we do know is that the Fulton Center is the MTA’s $1.4 billion project and they’ve done an astonishing job at building a gorgeous 66,000 square-foot transit hall that will provide an unparalleled means of access to nine of the city’s 26 subway lines. Grand Central has only three subway lines and Metro North. While gorgeous might not be the word you’d usually use to describe a subway station, this is an exception to the rule.

A massive oculus (an elaborate skylight) will provide natural light underground while passengers are waiting for their trains. There will be a three-story shopping center, restaurants and an underground walkway that will connect the Fulton Center to the Path at the World Trade Center site making this space what some people are calling the Grand Central of Lower Manhattan.

The countdown to opening day is on but in the meantime, here are some pictures to wet your appetite.

-Nicola Harrison Ruiz

-Photography courtesy of Flickr

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