DOWNTOWN CEO and Publisher Grace A. Capobianco Featured on Fox 5 News

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On Friday September 19th, CEO and Publisher of DOWNTOWN Magazine, Grace A. Capobianco, was featured on Fox 5 News with well-known television personality Ernie Anastos. On live television, Ms. Capobianco and Mr. Anastos discussed the issue of shopping addiction and how to break the impulse buying habit.

Ms. Capobianco acknowledged that while we all love shopping, there are ways to do it mindfully that yield better results and less guilt. Instead of purchasing the same types of things you always buy out of habit, do your research ahead of time using online resources and then head to the store with a goal in mind to see what you actually like. With this tactic, you are more likely to walk out of a store with something you know you’ll absolutely love and be less disappointed and ridden with guilt later on.

To represent her fabulous taste in fashion, Ms. Capobianco was wearing an outfit by American Designer Zac Posen and fabulous jewels by Barbara Novak.

-Lauren Price


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