World-renowned Synergy Global Forum

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Business, Coming Up, Education

If you think that the fun stops with summer, you have been misinformed!

On September 1st, the Synergy Business Forum will bring together some of the biggest names in the world right here, to New York City. As the future changes, the markets will definitely reflect. Listen to Steve Forbes, Arianna Huffington, Robin Wright, and Jimmy Wales, to name a few, discuss their knowledge on how to become an innovative entrepreneur.

There will be lots of topics covered throughout the forum, such as motivational experiences, the future of businesses with an emphasis on finances, the stock market, and leading businesses in today’s competitive market. 

The forum was created with entrepreneurs in mind, as a networking and learning opportunity. With technology and financial markets progressing at record pace, businesses will need to be savvy to keep up.

This forum is a refresher for all entrepreneurs and a way to plug back in after your summer.

Speakers such as Jack Welch will share his secrets to management and leadership, while Ray Kurzweil, recognized for his multi-voice recognition systems and the winner of a Grammy Award will speak on inventions and the future, and Guy Kawasaki, an Apple Evangelist and Venture Capitalist, will share his experiences at Apple and thoughts on investing.

But it doesn’t end there, to get a full list of all speakers and to sign up visit Synergy  Business Forum’s website.

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