Top 10 Online Stores For Women

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If you’re like us here at DOWNTOWN, you know that online shopping is one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Why deal with the crowds and long lines when everything you could ever want is just a click away? Here are our picks for the top 10 online clothing stores.

1. ASOS: ASOS is Britain’s biggest online-only fashion and beauty store with shipping to the US. Started in 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths, ASOS provides an extensive selection of affordable, well-made pieces. Bonus features include catwalk model videos of almost every clothing item for shoppers to see how the pieces move, and year-round sales with up to 70% off. 


Shop these pieces at ASOS: left, middleright

2. Nasty Gal: Named the fastest growing retailer in 2012, American-based online store Nasty Gal started out as a small vintage clothing shop on eBay. Founder Sophia Amoruso became famous for her ability to turn a profit on secondhand clothes–she once sold a vintage Chanel jacket for more than $1000 (she bought it at the Salvation Army for $8). Today, Nasty Gal continues to sell vintage clothing as well as trendy and eclectic wholesale items.


Shop these pieces at Nasty Gal: left, middleright

3. Pixie Market: Always ahead of the trend, Pixie Market offers the hottest new styles before anyone else. On their website, you’ll find hip and trendy pieces, often for under $100.


Shop these pieces at Pixie Market: left, middleright

4. Net-a-Porter: Launched in 2000 by Natalie Massenet, this online luxury fashion shop features over 350 designers. Presented in the style of a fashion magazine, Net-a-Porter gives customers access to the season’s newest and most cutting edge trends.


Shop these piece at Net-a-Porter: left, middle, right

5. Shopbop: What started out as a small online shop specializing in exclusive denim brands quickly became one of the largest online fashion retailers in the world. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Shopbop offers a mix of designer clothing and accessories for every possible mood.


Shop these pieces at Shopbop: left, middleright

6. Modern Citizen: Modern Citizen describes itself as THE online shopping destination for the modern woman. We couldn’t agree more–their website features accessible, ready-to-wear pieces designed for the woman on the go.


Shop these pieces at Modern Citizen: left, middleright 

7. Runway Bandits: Based in Singapore, Runway Bandits was founded in 2008 and sells one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by bold street culture. With international shipping, anyone can get access to this free-spirited style house.


Shop these pieces at Runway Bandits: left, middleright

8. River Island: Known for their stylish, unique, and affordable clothing, River Island specializes in denim, evening wear, and fabulous accessories. Almost every piece at River Island is designed in-house.


Shop these pieces at River Island: left, middleright 

9. Esther: Named after an ancient queen renowned for her beauty and kindness, Esther was started by Talita Estelle in 2004. The Australia based online store features trendy, bohemian styles.


Shop these pieces at Esther: left, middleright

10. Singer 22: Singer 22 was launched in 2003 by Jon Singer as both a retail and online store. The site often partners with fashion bloggers and celebrities and has become one of the most popular destinations for online fashion.


Shop these pieces at Singer 22: left, middleright

-Elizabeth Sutherland 


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