Susan Alexandra Puts the Fun Back Into Jewelry

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Meet Your Neighborhood Jewelry Co. That’s Putting the Whimsy Back Into Accessorizing

Gen Z-ers and millennials know the grip that colorful beaded jewelry had on us in our adolescence. Our fashion identities were measured by how many charm bracelets, necklaces, and rings we could stack on.

Furthermore, the more varying colors you had on your plasticky-crystal adornments, the better. Think highlighter oranges, lime greens, bubblegum pinks, and so on. Meet Susan Alexandra: the jewelry and accessory company that is right under your feet here in NYC. It is time we bring this gem out from underground.

The Susan Alexandra success story had humble beginnings, starting out of Susan Korn’s Chinatown Apartment.

It all started with Susan Korn’s Merry bag, named after her mother. It is boxy, crystalline, and evokes a true sense of nostalgia. It was when Gigi Hadid posted a photo with the adorable accessory in the foreground to her X-follower Instagram page that the brand took off.

“I’ll be sitting on the subway and just look down at my purse and I just feel sort of a sense of delight and calm. It’s my personal antidote to such a strange time that we’re living in,” Korn told Glamour in an interview.

Susan Alexandra is bringing that childhood joy back – and taking over the jewelry industry one sparkly bead at a time. High fashion and nostalgia meet at a crossroads in the creator’s studio; a “warm, welcoming and inclusive home for creativity and design”.


Customizable Jewelry

Alexandra’s products range from jewelry to bags to accessories to home, and more. More, includes, of course, a Bead Box, which allows SA lovers to curate their own personalized pieces from the assortment of signature beads. The thing is on a page ripped out of the late nineties and early 2000s. Seriously.

You can get as playful as you want with Susan Alexandra’s pieces. Try a lovely beaded bag or a pair of statement earrings that resemble a shrimp cocktail. Customize your own piece on the more sophisticated side with the “*Make Your Own*” “Spells” pieces. Or try the “*Make Your Own*” “Tiny Joys” collection, where you can choose from charms that represent you, like shrimp, dollars, boobs, smileys, fries, rainbows, eyes, watermelons, moons, and more!


Ethical Accessorizing

The best part about SA is the message behind the company. Every piece is handmade right here in NYC, offering a plethora of job opportunities to the market. “We believe that pieces made with intention and heart feel better, look better and create a better world,” per their company’s website.

They also make a significant effort to give back. SA uses their platform to promote charities such as ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), G.L.I.T.S. (Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society), No Kid Hungry, and Black Girl Smile. “Our community has given us so much and in turn, we want to do the same by giving back to communities that inspire us.” Talk about ethical fashion.

Whimsy and Delicious Nostalgia

Take a gander at some of Susan Alexandra’s signature pieces and let them tickle your fancy!

The Divine Flower Anklet



The Bouquet Earring and Divine Flower Necklace




The Galaxy Earring and Galaxy Lariat




Meow Earrings


Head to to snag your very own piece of trendy nostalgia.

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