Power Women

An Interview With The Chin Twins!

Downtown had the opportunity to speak with Cristen and Kimberly Chin about their new show, The Chin Twins, on The Design Network!

Governor Hochul Announces MTA Board

DOWNTOWN's board member Elizabeth Velez was named to the board of MTA,  along with Janno Lieber as Chair and CEO of the MTA Board. "We've been fortunate to work with both Elizabeth and Janno, a perfect pair to ensure the continued success for MTA, and we are excited...

Downtown Q&A: Lauren Wilson, Founder of Luxury Consignment Platform, Dora Maar

In today's fashion landscape, influencers are everything. Influencers have become the new innovators and early adopters that oftentimes will take the place of major mavens from yesteryear, as the runway designers. The beauty of such fashion leaders on the tiny screen...
Divine Design

Divine Design

BEFORE SOHO BECAME ONE OF THE PRICIEST - retail and residential neighborhoods in New York, the large, cast-iron...

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