Biig Piig Makes An Impressive “Switch”

by | May 27, 2020 | Culture, Entertainment, Featured, Featured, Music, Power Women

Don’t care about who you know
Man, you’re old, you don’t scare me
Run down a rabbit hole
Your downfalls, I see you clearly now

Irish singer/rapper Jessica Smyth, aka Biig Piig, recently dropped Switch, her newest single from her recent EP No Place For Patience, Vol.3 (RCA). It is a banger.

Switch is percussive, glitchy, and dreamy, graced with Smyth’s ethereal vocals and a relentless bassline. The song defies any real genre, blending elements into an exciting new hybrid. Part confession, part resignation, and part determination, the song proved itself eerily prescient for a global lockdown.

Smyth got her artistic start in London with the NiNE8 Collective, a network of creatives which Jess founded with Lava La Rue. The name “Biig Piig” revealed itself when Smyth read it drunk off a pizza menu: a fitting origin story for an artist who displays continued optimism and determination whilst facing quarter-life crisis. The 22-year-old has since earned significant attention over the last couple of years. Billie Eilish is an ardent fan, and a strong presence on the British airwaves has launched Biig Piig into the limelight.


Switch is about the tension, helplessness and pressure that the world is under right now. The beat and lyrics to me represents the fast pace of how the world is falling apart, and the anxious undertone of it all,” says Smyth.

Although the lyrics feel as if they’ve been ripped from a diary, the chaotic backbeats and spirited energy drive the tune into uncharted waters. It is the calming cup of tea for a stress migraine.

The video for Switch, which recently aired on MTV UK, depicts a fast-paced, fiery car chase of Jess (and several Nine8 friends) zipping through a a darkened, dystopian city. The piece is a collaborative triumph by British illustrators Alice Bloomfield (character animation) and Jack Solomon Smith (backgrounds). The stunning piece of art works well with the hypnotic, frenetic sound of Biig Piig. Smyth sings the praises of Bloomfield’s vibrant work:

“Alice is an incredible illustrator, I’m so happy we worked with her on this one…The whole ethos of Nine8 and the theme of the song are so intertwined, and she captured that perfectly.”

Sit back and enjoy Switch!


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