Tips for Finding a Safe Online Casino to Play Slots

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Entertainment

Although online gambling statistics are hard to find, we know the industry is receiving more interest than ever before. Recent reports show that roughly one-fifth of the global population has gambled online at least once. One study estimates that the global online gambling market will reach a valuation of $67 billion by 2025, up from $44 billion in 2019.

Like most people, most casinos are 100% legitimate. Unfortunately, bad apples have given the gambling industry a less-than-perfect reputation. Whether you’re an expert gambler or a novice, you should know how to select a safe online casino. These tips will help you stay safe when enjoying online gaming.

Look for Licensure

Many countries don’t license online casinos. However, their citizens won’t be penalized for gambling online. Although gambling regulations are known to increase casinos’ overhead, in turn leading to lower payouts, a lack of regulations leaves gamblers little power in holding casinos accountable. Never gamble at casinos that aren’t licensed. 

Playing slots at, for example, is safe because it’s licensed in Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory in Europe. In addition, the company holds a United Kingdom Gambling Commission Remote Operating License. These licenses add to MansionCasino’s legitimacy, making it a safe place to gamble online. You can find these disclosures on the bottom of the casino’s website. On other websites, search for terms and conditions and “About Us” pages to find license disclosures. 

Casino owners understand how important these licenses are. They may attempt to falsely claim licensure to draw in more players. You should always look for these licenses on casinos’ websites. 

After finding them, search for their license online. Find the country’s gambling authority and ask them whether the casino in question is actually registered or not. Although this step may seem overkill, it’s not. Due diligence is essential to protecting yourself online.

Set Aside Some Money to Test Payout Protocol

Nobody likes losing money. However, as a gambler, you’re already prepared to lose money from time to time. Before trusting a casino with your hard-earned money, test its payout procedures. Some online casinos can be slow to pay out or make the process more difficult than it has to be. 

Set aside a small yet substantial amount of money. $100 is a good place to start. After making an account on a casino, deposit your money. Before withdrawing money, play a few games. Don’t bother gambling much, however.

Withdraw your funds. See how long it takes. If the withdrawal goes smoothly, the casino’s probably legitimate. Don’t bother with casinos that have shoddy, untrustworthy withdrawal practices.

Another method before opening an account is to read as many online reviews as possible. Get an idea of their withdraw practices, what the process is and how long it takes. Also, look for casinos who offer many different ways to get paid. 

Talk to the Casino’s Customer Service Representatives

Every business owner understands how important good customer service is. This holds true for casinos. Illegitimate casinos won’t bother with hiring high-quality customer service representatives.

When testing a casino’s customer service, you don’t need to conduct a full-blown investigation. Ask a few general questions to see how representatives respond. Make sure their responses include good grammar. You should always ensure these responses match the casino’s online terms and conditions. 

We know that most people don’t bother reading terms and conditions. You don’t need to read the entire legal document, however. Simply search for the company’s policies using keywords. If the document’s policies match up with what customer service representatives say, the casino is likely legitimate.


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