Stay Fit During Winter Hibernation

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Written by Samantha Robinson, a personal trainer at The DOGPOUND

Alright, New Yorkers, it’s December now, and you all know what that means. Whether you like it or not, the cold weather is fully upon us! Let us take a moment to make a hot cup of cocoa and take out those warm winter layers so we can beat the classic NYC chill. Now let’s get started.

How many times have you used the cold as an excuse not to accomplish your fitness goals? Taking care of your health is essential, no matter the season. Staying active plays a huge role in maintaining and enhancing your physical and mental strength, as well as giving yourself a way to release the stress that naturally builds up from your daily life. Some people (like myself) enjoy outdoor winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, and ice climbing. Though many New Yorkers here in the city don’t have access to those activities, that doesn’t mean you can’t be active! I’m not even saying that you have to leave your home. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle without even leaving your apartment! Here are some of my favorite ways that you can quickly get the heart pumping, blood flowing, and dopamine dripping while staying in your coziest pajamas.

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Do three sets straight through with little to no breaks.

  • 25x Plank Jacks on your hands (jump your feet in and out)
  • 25x Plank Jacks on your elbows 
  • 20x Flutter Kicks (lay on your back, keep your head down)
  • 20x Scissor Kicks (keep your head down, criss-cross your legs)
  • 15x Leg Lifts (keep your head down and feet together)
  • 15x Russian Twists (sit on your tailbone, do your best to keep your feet off the ground)
  • 10x Mountain Climbers
  • 10x Twisting Mountain Climbers (knees to opposite elbows)
  • 5x Push-Ups
  • 5x Full Body V-Ups 


Do two sets straight through with little to no breaks.

  • 30 Seconds High Knees (keep your chest up and knees high)
  • 15x Jump Squats (jump as high off the floor as you can and land on your heels)
  • 30 Seconds Plank-to-Squat (never standing, alternate between planking on your hands and squatting properly with your weight back in your heels)
  • 15x Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Seconds Side-to-Side Ski Jumps (jump laterally from one foot to the other while crossing the other leg behind when landing)
  • 15x Jab/Cross in a Squat Hold (without standing, alternate punching each arm)
  • 30 Seconds Sprint in Place (stay on your toes)
  • 15x Jumping Jacks


These 25 minutes contains 25 sets of burpees. Try to record how many you do so you can beat your score next time!

  • Set your timer for 25 minutes
  • Do as many burpees as you can for the first 30 seconds
  • Rest for the following 30 seconds 
  • Continue this for the rest of the 20 minutes
Stay Fit During Winter Hibernation

Photo Credit Pixabay on Pexels

Every exercise listed above can easily be modified, so don’t hesitate to substitute movements that you know are better for your body. Mind-body connection plays a huge role in working out and taking care of ourselves. When we become aware of our personal needs, we can then do what is necessary to take care of ourselves properly. Rather than letting the cold weather defeat us, let’s dedicate this season to reflection, self-awareness, and going the extra mile to better ourselves. After all, the new year is approaching us, so let’s wrap up this year by staying active and feeling good! 

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