Next Hot Destination: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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 Iconic Tobago Cays | Credit: SVG Tourism Authority

What is your favorite summer Caribbean vacation hot spot? Jamaica? Turks and Caicos? Or Anguilla? Well, you may have to rethink you’re ideal destination for a sandy beach and clear water, because Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a luxury vacation dreamland with across the board comfort.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines islands feature exclusive, tropical getaways offering a variety of amenities, while not breaking the bank. SVG is located in the Caribbean Sea between Grenada and St. Lucia, and is made up of a chain of small exotic islands stretching southward across turquoise and blue waters. Garnering a lot of attention is Mustique Island, a part of the alluring 32 island archipelago.

SVG Aerial Shot - Credit St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tourism Authority1

Tobago Cays Boats | Credit: Kay Wilson 

DOWNTOWN caught up with Nubia Duvall Wilson, who has been to Mustique numerous times, for the inside scoop about SVG. Wilson is a luxury travel expert with a distinguished travel background. She has represented Bacardi in Travel Retail and luxury hotels and destinations around the world since 2008. Since 2003, Wilson has traveled to more than 40 destinations globally and lived in Taiwan for two years.

“It is an area of the Caribbean that isn’t your typical go to destination. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is where you feel isolated,” Wilson said. “The islands aren’t over developed, they are very lush, small and each island is different, so you have many options, which is nice. You get a more peaceful experience.”

Port Elizabeth - Credit RPM Media1

Port Elizabeth | Credit: RPM Media

These islands and cays are renowned for their natural beauty, abundant sea life and many different options to accommodate their versatile visitors from all over the world. This favorable vacation destination is set to have a sharp increase in tourism with the building of the Argyle International Airport which will replace the existing ET Joshua Airport, and is expected to open in early 2015.

The new and improved airport will offer nonstop international jet service from North American and European gateways, increasing flights into SVG. Aside from the airport increasing access to these paradisal islands, the infrastructure and eco-friendly activities have been immensely re-constructed. Two new deep-water seaports were recently built, one exclusively for cruise ships in mainland St. Vincent.


Massage on the beach at the Buccament Bay Resort | Credit: Buccament Bay Resort

In addition, the opening of 15 tourist sites are ready for excursionist’s enjoyment after restoration. The awe-inspiring activities include waterfalls, beaches, parks and botanical gardens to choose from. If you think that sounds great, a state-of-the-art marina is being built on Canouan Island and it’s expected to be the most outstanding marina in the Caribbean, accommodating 300 yachts and 6 mega-yachts.When thinking about these extravagant arrangements, there are also grand hotels and resorts for a place to rest your head in comfort.

Wilson recommended three great accommodations for your trip to paradise: Palm Island Resort, owned by Elite Island Resorts, has recently been renovated into an eco-friendly and green private island. This luxurious, all-inclusive resort just added four large suites. To access the island, guests take a complimentary 45-min air transfer from Barbados to Union Island then an 8 min boat ride to the resort.

palm island resort 1

Palm Island Resort | Credit: Palm Island Resort

Also, the wonderful Bequia Beach Resort is on eight acres of tropical gardens overlooking Friendship Beach. This five-star hotel includes 41 suites; featuring an expansive penthouse, three two-bedroom villas with private pools, three bungalows and 11 rooms. Buccament Bay Resort is an all-inclusive property where you can receive soccer and tennis coaching, and also includes the Pat Cash Academy and Liverpool Football Club Soccer School.

SVG is perfect for travelers looking to discover the undiscovered Caribbean. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are a concealed gem in the Caribbean perfect for the enterprising traveler. SVG offers all the amenities needed for a serene and tranquil vacation.


Bequia Beach Hotel | Credit: Bequia Beach Hotel


Buccament Bay Resort | Credit: Buccament Bay Resort


Palm Island Resort The Grenadines | Credit: Palm Island Resort 

Written by Mariah Brown 

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