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Red Market Salon’s David Cotteblanche

Working late at the office but still need to get your hair cut or styled for the next day? Reynald Ricard and David Cotteblanche understand the hectic schedules of polished, working women in Manhattan. Red Market Salon, the one and only late night salon open until 11 PM in New York City, is a perfect solution to the late-night-hair-emergency conundrum, allowing women to balance their demanding work schedules while maintaining their hair. Women don’t just flock to Red Market Salon because of the late night factor, they know that when Cotteblanche is around, they are in good… scissors. Cotteblanche’s work has been featured in fashion shows from Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, and Yohji Yamamoto. He has styled Duran Duran, Hot Chip and has worked for Elle, Town and Country, and Playboy. He is also the hair genius behind the newest, upcoming campaign for Oscar de la Renta. DOWNTOWN interviewed Cotteblanche about his past, his present, and his future. SPOILER ALERT: details on celebrities, Fall hair trends and novel hair tips are all discussed.

How did you come up with the concept for a late-night salon?

Myself & Reynald Ricard were so busy taking on clients during evening hours in my apartment – we immediately picked up on the much-needed trend of creating a late night salon. We jumped at the opportunity and started with a small salon in the Meat Packing district. Since then, Red Market Salon has blown up and we’ve opened multiple salons including one in Miami. Now we moved to Union Square. The experience of ‘taking care of yourself’ shouldn’t be a rushed experience. At night, people have more time to embrace getting pampered, especially getting their hair done.


Duran Duran

You’ve worked with many famous celebrities, who is your favorite person to work with and why?

It’s difficult to choose, so I have to go with two. One would be Simon Le Bon (lead singer of Duran Duran) – his creativity and musical talent spread throughout many generations. I grew up listening, dancing and being inspired by his music. I worked with Mick Rock for a photo-shoot – he’s one of the most talented and well known photographers. He’s most known for his iconic shots of Rock n’Roll legends. They are really legendary shots.


Jennifer Lawrence

Is there a celebrity who you would like to work with? If so, why?

Jennifer Lawrence. She’s extremely talented but I like her vibe; cool, funny, laid back. Also, her hair is very versatile. She carries herself well as a brunette, long blonde hair, and now with a short shaggy bob. She takes risks with her hair, and I like that. I never understand women who change their looks with makeup or clothes every season but don’t change their hair in decades. Are you wearing the same clothes from 20 years ago? No. So, why not change your hair? Your face changes after a decade. The look of your hair doesn’t channel the same way. Change it up & express your identity.


Jessica Alba

What celebrity do you think has the best hair style nowadays?

I’d say bonafide fashionista Jessica Alba. Her hair is classic, sleek & chic, but just the right amount of edgy.

What do you think will be the hottest hair styles or colors for Fall 2014?

It’s all about making a statement and embracing that ‘fall fashion drama’. Long sleek hair with less layers is always classic, but the cool, chic bob is definitely ‘in’, especially because it shapes the face. A minimalist cut is also popular – reverting back to the 80s-90s style.

In terms of color, a little edgy, punk look of two toned colors, with bold greens, blues, reds etc…much funkier than ombre! Ombre is over.

For brunettes, a chestnut or caramel shade is perfect for autumn, which is a very rich color done in one process. No more highlights! For the blonde bombshells, less contrast, back to the platinum shades of the ever-popular Blondie. Kiss ‘sun-kissed’ hair goodbye. If somebody comes in for sun kissed hair. .. you can kiss my a**. With red hair,  make it a statement, bold color shade.


David Cotteblanche essentials

What is the one essential hair product every women should have at home?

Oribe’s ‘Dry Texturizing Spray’: it smells good and is very light while offering volume. It’s the best dry shampoo out there, hands down. Kérastase ‘Spray Fluidissime’ [provides] anti-frizz, offers shine, and it’s not sticky. Both of these are perfect for girls on the go, and every girl in New York is on the go.

What are your top hair care tips that you can share with us?

Sometimes going back to basics is the best advice:

A French tip: air-dried styled hair with minimal products, it gives off that effortlessly chic look. Embrace your natural texture and try to step away from the flatiron or blow dryer every once in a while.  Your hair needs the natural oils so don’t over wash your hair, every 2-3 days is enough.  Take time for yourself and for your hair care. Schedule a haircut every 6-8 weeks.  Compare your hair to skin, it requires moisture every day. So, don’t indulge in new shoes, splurge on only the best products for your hair and invest in your hair care. I only recommend the crème de la crème of hair products: Kérastase, Davines & Oribe.


Oscar de la Renta

You have been in the business for decades. If you look back, what’s the moment of your career that you feel most proud of?

Actually, I’d have to say last week. It marked a pivotal moment in my career. I shot with my friends, top fashion photographer Philippe Reynaud & art director Marina Barlage. We shot a fragrance campaign for Oscar de la Renta as well as one for Bebe starring the stunning Nina Agdal. I’ve been working for 15 years on photo-shoots and [am] finally getting to a much more elevated level.

What are the main differences between Paris and NYC?

Paris is older and New York is younger, more modern. There’s a better quality of life in Paris, but the proactive attitude is more prevalent in NYC. New York City’s opportunities are unlimited, people mix together whereas in Europe people tend to group together. You are a New Yorker no matter what because everyone comes from somewhere else.

What can you tell us about New Yorkers when it comes to hair?

It’s a very versatile city, it can really depend on the neighborhood. The Upper East Side is much more ‘va va voom and long hair. The lower you get the more trendy we get. That’s why we’re in Union Square – everybody cares about hair care. Ninety percent of New Yorker’s have long hair. It’s their safety zone but really, it breaks my heart. Thank god now the fashion is starting to change. Celebs & magazines are going back to shorter hair.

Where in the city do you live and what is it that you love about it?

I live in Chelsea – I’m a Chelsea boy. It’s central & close to the West Side. You get a little bit of everything:[a] little Downtown and Chelsea Market; it’s trendy, fashionable and close to Union Square. The architecture is beautiful as well.


Morrison Hotel album by The Doors; David Cotteblanche in Reno for Burning Man; Salvador Dali’s The Hallucinogenic Toreador; David Cotteblanche snowboarding in Nelson, Canada

Name one song that inspires you…

“I love you the best // Better than all the rest.”Indian Summer by The Doors. I listened to it when I first traveled to New York City at 23 and haven’t stopped since.

Name one city that inspires you…

Reno for Burning Man. This place and festival represent creation, inspiration, art, freedom, and love. Essential for your body & soul. And, Nelson in Canada, as Jeffrey Rasley said, “Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.” Nelson is in the middle of nowhere within the mountains, it’s inspiring because you feel free – totally off the grid. I love snowboarding & nature.

Name one painter who inspires you..

Salvador Dali, particularly his painting: ‘The Hallucinogenic Toreador’. Dali brings your mind & aspirations to another level; it’s all about detail. It gives off the impression it’s real but it could be an illusion, taking you to a deeper, more creative level. Definitely out of the box (like me).

Any upcoming projects on your radar that us hair enthusiasts should know about?

I have a pretty cool collaborative project coming up with Zeumer Management, INC (ZMGT) that is open to every type of girl out there. ZMGT, in Union Square, is by Thomas Zeumer – he’s doing high end model management & they developed an app with the most renowned Chinese developers which give[s] every girl and model the power to be their own Model Manager. A trailer for his new show ‘Model Family’ has been produced by IMG as well.

Red Market Salon is located at 13 E 13th St.

By Xavi Ocaña


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