TOUS New Summer 2014 ORIGINS Collection Launch

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TOUS  recently celebrated the debut of its new ORIGINS collection in style. The spring and summer collection rediscovers the brand’s roots and timeless nature in an exciting way (emojis included). It beckons the journey of TOUS using past motifs and classic collections that have been innovated to pure, fresh and authentic assemblages.

The launch of this unique collection was nothing short of a hit. The New York City venue was filled with guests enjoying boho-chic music, cocktails, and of course, the fabulous jewelry on display. The space was infused with TOUS’ signature pink color scheme. Attendees could also be seen sharing their experience on social media networks, using the hashtag for the evening: #happinessbytous.

But of course, the highlight of the evening was the flawless jewelry on display. The collection sports florals and bright, vibrant colors, perfect for the spring and summer seasons. As beautiful as the pieces were, the designs are unique for their simple and almost traditional feel. The collection features a diverse assortment of pink gold, 18 carat gold, and sterling silver adornments.The Paraiso collection garnered notable attention; which includes a necklace, bracelet and ring, made from sterling silver vermeil, gold plated three times, and hydro-thermal gems. The flowery designs flaunt a familiar spring feel, featuring the brand’s most characteristic components.

TOUS is wholly committed  to preserving the luxury and splendor quality of its jewelry, and its new collection gracefully embodies those ideals. TOUS is a family-owned brand from Barcelona, delivering affordable luxury.

TOUS has two locations in New York City, one located in SoHo and in Rockefeller Center.

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