NoMad Bar Has Noteworthy Design

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Credit: Frances F. Denny

Architecture and Design Firm Stonehill & Taylor originated in 1986, and is one of New York City’s own, most beloved design teams. Recently, the firm has been successful in helping to open the NoMad Hotel bar. The cutting-edge interior design of the space is rounded off by the timeless elegance that fills every corner.

The NoMad Hotel owner, Sydell Group, and Stonehill & Taylor have collaborated in the past month to open up a new bar on 28th Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue. In the name of fine dining and romantic ambiance, the bar is designed to provide customers with a true NoMad experience. The bar operates independently from the hotel, however many subtle tributes are offered to the hotel from within the bar’s interior. Mosaic floors greet you as you arrive, cheered on by the green hues and deep wood furniture that resides on both the bar level and the mezzanine level.


Credit: Frances F. Denny

This space was drastically altered after being purchased for renovation. The hard work of the skilled team members resulted in a dramatic makeover that nearly pulls one into high end city living of the late 19th century.

Overall, the experience at the NoMad Hotel Bar is unique – a marriage of rich, masculine furnishing materials and the glamour of Downtown’s night life. True to form, the entirety of the place is cohesive and elegant. It is fit to serve all different crowds with the same refined palate and appreciation for fine ambiance.

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Credit: Frances F. Denny

Sara Duffy, one of the women who helped bring the bar to Lower Manhattan, explained the creative process and what inspired the NoMad Bar’s unique look. “We wanted the feel of the hotel,” she said, and described it as “special – like a gem.” Just like the hotel, the bar offers visitors “small spaces that lead into small spaces,” a unique concept for public areas. This allows for an intimate experience for guests, who are typically younger professionals of the city. All of the materials used to create the space are of the highest quality. Rich leather panels and wonderful pieces of art complete area, but you must visit and explore NoMad to truly understand the feel of opulence there. Duffy said that it was a “great project, and the perfect team,” which is not difficult to see in every beautiful detail.

-Kelly Fleming

-Images courtesy of MacKenzie Rollins


Credit: Frances F. Denny


Credit: Frances F. Denny

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Credit: Frances F. Denny

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