Looking for a House in the Bronx

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 How To Find the Perfect Place To Live


Moving to a new city brings with it both stress, and excitement. A good bit of anxiety comes with any move, what sort of house should you find for yourself, the type of neighbourhood you may want to move into, transportation, and lifestyle are all important decisions. Major cities in the US can sometimes be very difficult to manoeuvre, and it’s natural to be stricken with anxiety not only with how challenging such a bustling metropolis can be but also, the many varieties and options available. Such factors are especially true for a city as perfect and simultaneously as intimidating as New York.

The best and worst thing about New York City is that people here do not care about what you did with your past life. You could have been a successful entrepreneur, or possibly have had a very difficult life, but people will care more about what you will contribute to your new city and life here. New York is the perfect place for a fresh start. 

The Bronx 

The Bronx is a borough in New York City, which corresponds with Bronx county. It is one of the fourth-largest areas, fourth-highest population, and the third-highest population density in New York City. Lying North East of Manhattan, across the picturesque Harlem River, the Bronx has an area of 42 miles. It has both high and middle-income neighbourhoods, including Pelham Bay and Pelham Gardens, Riverdale, Fieldston, Morris Park, etc. Studded with parkland (about one-fifth of the total land area) and some astute shopping centres like The Hub, Gateway Centre, and Southern Boulevard. The Bronx is a beautifully aesthetic place to live in. This coupled with excellent connectivity through the New York subway, buses, and major highways, your experience settling down in the Bronx is sure to be nothing short of sublime.

What Are The Things to Look Out For

Research the neighbourhoods

Honestly, the biggest favour you can do for yourself before moving into a new place is to become familiar and aware of the area’s various neighbourhoods. A quick Google search will tell you what neighbourhoods exist in the Bronx, but beyond that, it is advisable to take a day to drive out, spend some time to see if the neighbourhood will fit with your needs and if this is what your budget allows. Every neighbourhood varies with regards to your potential neighbours and the people who live there, accessibility, schools, shopping, affordability, and all that it has to offer. 

Selling vs Renting

There are no two ways you can consider when it comes to a new home, renting or buying. Property in New York can cost a fortune, some may not be able to afford to buy a new house, especially, without good credit and a loan. If you’re the kind that doesn’t want to invest in a loan at this time, or if you do not have an intention to buy property, consider renting. Should you decide to purchase or rent a home, be sure to secure good homeowners/renters insurance. No matter where you live, especially in a city like New York, you must be prepared for future storms, theft, and or fires. Be sure to check Homeowners Insurance Made for New Yorkers

Most landlords will look at your credit score before they consider accepting your rental application. Assuming your credit comes back with a good rating. Be advised, New York requires that you earn around 50 times the rental rate to be accepted to lease. Some landlords may ask for a guarantor, who is able to step in to pay, should you default. A guarantor is required to make 100 times the rent, in order to qualify. Some landlords require the guarantor to live in the same state.



Looking for a House in the Bronx

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Miscellaneous Details

You may not consider certain details to be as important, but they could come up when you are least expecting. New Yorkers love their pets, and over the years New York has become pet friendly, in all areas from housing to hotels. However, there are still properties who may not be pet-friendly. We’ve heard that landlords may not advise you about their no pet policy, until after you arrive with your pet. Be sure to discuss this upfront before signing any lease. Internet access, be sure to ask which provider is available in the area you have chosen, inquire about water and electricity, are they included in your lease or will you have to provide? We suggest, make a list of all the small things that are essential to you so that you are prepared before renting your property. It’s better to have that checklist on hand.


Many city dwellers choose to rotate cooking, ordering in, or dining out. So it’s important to know what options are available and nearby. Doing your research before you sign a new lease, on the types of restaurants, delis, their rates, delivery options, dine-in hours, etc., is a good idea. Food delivery services such as UberEats, Seamless, Postmates and Grubhub are New Yorkers go-to delivery options. 


Living in a city like New York, be sure to factor in transportation. What’s available and where is the closest subway and or bus stop? Unless you choose to have a car, the subway and bus are two of the best ways to get around this great city.

Owning a car, be sure to consider insurance, parking, alternate side parking on city streets, and petrol. There are other options such as Uber, Via and Lyft to get you where you need to go.

Should you consider driving and or taking a car service, be sure to look into road maintenance or rush hour, heavy traffic and possible accidents. Download the NYC subway and or public transportation apps, these are the best way to keep on top of your daily travel. Biking is also a great option, New Yorkers have taken to City Bike and or purchasing their own bikes for city travel. We highly recommend cycling, a great way to get your daily exercise and see the city.

Living in New York or any large city is not always easy, but if you do your homework, educate yourself and prepare, you will be sure to make right decisions for you, there is nothing more exciting, educational, cultural and refreshing than living in New York!

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