Lincoln Chases Innovation with the New Aviator

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Downtown Living, Featured

The automobile industry is feeling the pressure. As consumers, we’re no longer satisfied with the four-cylinder engine, flimsy cupholder, glovebox and barely-functional seatbelt combination wrapped in whatever horrible, geometric, die-cast and stamped sheet metal design that happens to be popular. Consumers want more – and Lincoln’s new Aviator represents a valiant effort to provide exactly that: more.

Lincoln Aviator Steering Wheel

Lincoln’s Aviator, formerly an afterthought to the bigger, bolder Navigator, has basically every innovation and piece of tech you could hope for in a mid-sized luxury SUV. From automatic emergency braking and predictive Suspension Preview Technology to the meaty Twin Turbo/Plug-In Hybrid drivetrain engine, the Aviator is breaking some serious ground and acting as the first installment of Lincoln’s movement “toward a broader portfolio of utilities and electrification in conjunction with effortless services,” according to the manufacturer.

This movement towards a more tech-savvy vehicle lineup has granted the new Aviator more injected tech than you can shake a stylus at – even an integrated app. You can start, lock, unlock and open the trunk of the new Aviator with a simple swipe of your smartphone. This new addition to the Lincoln line also features an absurd amount of driving modes, from the more modest “normal,” “conserve” and “excite” modes to the adventurous “slow climb” and “deep sand,” just in case you’re planning on crossing the Gobi Desert.

Lincoln Aviator Rear View

Styling is another big change for the new Aviator. Forget the boxy, encumbered body of the past, Lincoln has opted to implement an aircraft-inspired, aerofoil design on the newest member of their SUV family. “You have the stature and presence of the grille at the front, then the body and tail taper off,” explains Lincoln Design Director David Woodhouse, “from the headlight to the taillight, there’s a beautiful undercut feature varying in depth that connotes poise and grace.”

Lincoln Aviator Side Panel

Learn more about the brand new Lincoln Aviator on their website, and stay up-to-date on the latest tech by visiting our Tech Spot.

All photos courtesy of the manufacturer.

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