How to Provide Complete Care for Your Senior Dog

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Having a pet in your life is an enriching journey. All the memories you make with your pup keeps getting special with every day. When your dog gets older, they stop becoming active. The need for your senior dog is different from that of a younger dog. Many pet owners abandon their pets when they get older. But taking care of your senior pet is your duty as a pet parent. Taking care of your senior dog is not a tough task, you only need to keep their needs in mind


An older dog has a different dietary requirement than younger dogs. Your senior dog may no longer be able to crunch down on dog food. When it comes to dry dog food you need to buy the best senior dog food that is suited for the dietary needs of senior dogs. Senior dogs need a meal that is low in calories since your dog might not be able to be as active. They also need a low protein diet to not put stress on their kidneys. High fiber diets are a necessity to help your senior dog combat constipation.

Sleeping Space

Older dogs tend to prefer having their own space. Create a corner for your dog far from the household activity. The corner needs to be one where your dog will not feel too cold or too hot.  If the space is too cold, then you can add some cushions or a dog bed to make your dog comfortable. For warm weather, you can only let your dog lay down on the nice cool floor. Older dogs can catch a cold easily so make sure your dog is nice and warm.

Vet Visitation

Visiting your vet should be a more frequent activity. Even if your dog seems to be healthy, you should get regular check-ups done. Medicines, like dog Interceptor for Heartworms, should always be administered after your vet recommends it.


There are many medicines that you might need to give your dog. Supplements can help your dog stay healthy. Dog Interceptor for Heartworms is essential for senior dogs. Any parasitic infestation can cause multiple health problems for your older dogs. The dog Interceptor for Heartworms can help combat many other kinds of worms as well. You can administer supplements and dog Interceptor for Heartworms after your vet recommends them.


With age, your senior dog will become a little less active. With age taking a toll on their bodies it is sensible to give them the rest that they need. Cut down on the adventures that you used to have with your dog if they are no longer able to muster the strength. At the same time, you do need to give your older dog a bit of exercise to keep them active and healthy.

Modify Your Home

Your dog may not be as agile as they used to. Making a few modifications to your home can make it easier for your senior dogs to get around. Add ramps next to furniture if they have a habit of sitting on furniture. Add carpets around the house to make it easier for them to grip the floor when they walk.

Small changes can help your senior dog live in comfort.


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