H&M Unveils Its First-Ever Wedding Gown

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Fashion | 0 comments

H&M debuted the first-ever wedding gown from Viktor and Rolf, launching a frenzy at the brand’s flagship London store and six other locations.

One customer told The London Daily Mail: “There was literally a tug of war over a black trench coat, which one lady picked up off a banister but someone grabbed it back off her. It was mad.”

Customers were scooping up as many as 10 items, with some admitting they were looking to sell it on internet auction site eBay for a profit.

Within hours of them going on sale, two of the wedding dresses were already being offered on eBay.

H&M’s debut bridal frock is affordable and made from organic and responsibly sourced materials. With a Grecian style, it has a pleated and decorated bodice with lots of drapery and pleats. In short it’s a wedding dress dream. The wedding gown is part of their Conscious collection for Spring/Summer 2014 and will cost approximately $135.


When it makes it’s American debut is still to be determined.



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