Gliding Through the City on a Wing Bike

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As a New Yorker, it’s practically a competition to get around quickly and easily. People take subways, buses, taxis and cars, but the fastest means of transportation is often the simplest.

Wing Bike is an NYC-based company that makes high-end electric bikes that will stand the test of time. From casual riders to veteran athletes, a Wing Bike is bound to have something to satisfy your needs and get you where you need to go.

The thing that sets Wing Bikes apart from competitors is the electric motor on each bicycle. Once you begin pedaling, the adjustable smart-assist automatically turns on and works with you to effortlessly get to your location faster. You’ll never have to worry about being out-of-breath or sweaty when you arrive at work or meetings.

Each bike has integrated lights, a security alarm, phone charging capabilities and a control panel to adjust your ride settings that all come together to make your biking experience more enjoyable than ever before.

Photos provided by Wing Bike.

The Downtown team had the chance to sit down and ask Seth Miller, the CEO and founder of Wing Bikes, about his company and what makes Wing Bikes the best choice for New Yorkers.

Downtown: Tell us how Wing Bike came to be and a little about your company.

Seth Miller: Wing Bikes is an NYC based electric bike company. We are passionate about getting more people on bikes as their primary mode of transportation. Once people get on our bikes, they will see that fear of showing up somewhere sweaty/disheveled or the concern of theft is a thing of the past. Our bikes are for everyone – our youngest customer is 11 and our oldest is 86. I’ve commuted by bike to corporate jobs, year-round in NYC for about a decade. I’ve always loved biking and have seen it as the best way to get around. Unfortunately, I’ve had 5 bikes stolen in NYC in ten years. This led me to research more about the bike world and how bikes are made. No one had created a fairly priced, street-legal electric bike that had all of the features that were needed for reliable, sweat-free NYC commuting. Some unique features of Wing include: alarm system, integrated front and rear lights, removable battery, lightweight, electric horn, storage options on the front or rear, and puncture-resistant tires. 

DT: What are the benefits of having a pedal-assist bike in New York City?

SM: Any bike sparks joy; however, many people are hesitant to ride in the city for these main reasons: safety, sweating, energy conservation and theft. We set out to create an electric bike that removes these concerns. You ride our bike like any other bike, but the bike gives you a little boost when you want it to. There’s zero learning curve. It allows you to go faster and further without feeling out of control. Riding up hills become effortless – you work as little or as much as you want to. We offer interest-free payment plans through our website, so anyone can buy our bike for about $100/month and pay it off within a year. This is less expensive than a monthly subway card. We have a built-in alarm to scare off thieves and an electric horn so people know you are coming.   

DT: Can you ride a pedal-assist bike without the motor?

SM: Yes, you can ride the bike with the motor on or off and with the battery on or off the bike. You ride and maintain a Wing bike like any other bike.

DT: As you know, New Yorkers use their bikes for pretty much everything: briefcase/bags, children, dogs, groceries and more. Is this still possible with a Wing bike?

SM: Yes, we have front carriers with a very cool bamboo base as well as rear racks. All of these can easily be transported on the bike with you.

DT: What’s the age demographic for a Wing bike?

SM: We see quite a large range of buyers for our bikes. Most of our buyers are 27-55 but one of our favorite NYC customers is an 86 year old Dutchman who has been biking in NYC for 40 years! You can catch him riding around lower Manhattan on his Wing any day of the week. Some of our customers use our bikes to go to and from their office, grocery store or errands while others use our bikes delivering food.

DT: What’s the price of a Wing bike, and do you recommend our readers to purchase them online or via Echelon Cycles, and why? What’s included in this price? 

SM: Our bikes start at $1298 and go up depending on the size of the battery that is selected. Larger batteries provide extended range. Echelon is ones of the best bike shops in NYC with expert mechanics and customer service, they know bikes really well. Customers can either buy direct from our website and have the bike shipped for free to their home or to their favorite bike store such as Echelon. Included in the price is shipping, support, the bike, battery and charger. We also have a showroom in the East Village where customers can try out our bikes.

DT: What is the life span of a Wing bike? 

SM: The life span would be the same as any other bike with the exception of the battery and the motor. The motor and battery have a life span of 5-8 years depending on use. Replacement parts are readily available.

Be sure to check out all of the different Wing Bikes and accessories on their website. They’ll get you where you need to go faster and with less effort than ever before!

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