Elie Hirschfeld: Greg Lemond Still Riding High For Abused Men

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Editor's Pick, News

LeMond and Hirschfeld share mutual admiration.

Giants collided when one of the greatest athletes in American history, Greg LeMond  visited in the Fifth Avenue home one of New York’s premier developers in Manhattan, Elie Hirschfeld on April 22!

Towering New York real estate developer and philanthropist, Hirschfeld, is also a premier triathlete. He has also long been a fan and admirer of three-time Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond.

The two first met when Hirschfeld, 67, competed in the 1995 World Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii where LeMond served as a commentator for NBC.

Today, Hirschfeld is still competing and winning among his age group in triathlons and LeMond is breaking new barriers in sports technology.

“Greg is the epitomy of excellence — not only in sports, but in technology and humanity,” said Hirschfeld.

LeMond is now heading LeMond Composites, a company that developed lightweight carbon fiber materials originally used to produce faster racing bikes, but has now expanded to offer new solutions in transportation, infrastructure and renewable energy!

LeMond in his glorious Tour de France heyday.

Even more heroically, he is integrally involved in spearheading the 1in6 organization to help men who have been the victim of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in their youth.

The victim of abuse himself as a child, Lemond contributes his celebrity to the organization to raise societal awareness of his heinous problem.

“I know first-hand how the pain and shame of having been abused as a child can affect one’s life,” he says.

“I invite you to join me and thousands of men like us who are drawing their courage, hope and strength from each other.”

“Greg is an inspiration to me because he dedicates himself to EVERYTHING completely,” said Hirschfeld.

“If each of us led our lives the way he does — we’d ALL be champions!”

For more information to 1in6, please go to: 1in6.org

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