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All photos: Courtesy of CompleteBody

Traditional workouts – long durations on cardio machines or repetitive lifting of weights – as well as innovative routines, such as boot camps, are all effective forms of fitness.

But they also have their limitations. Fitness can’t promise wellness, but CompleteBody Fitness and Wellness Clubs can.

CompleteBody approaches health with a holistic perspective by delivering a specialized, full-body approach by combining six essential elements to health: strength, cardio, flexibility, nutrition, meditation and rest.

Founder, Alex Reznik drew from his own experience to construct his clubs’ philosophy. Despite Reznik being a former fitness trainer for the Russian Military, he began to develop heart complications.

“I did all these checkups from doctors, but they told me I was healthy,” Reznik said. But he wasn’t. Reznik continued to experience health issues, and “did his own research and realized that Western medicine can only help you to a certain point,” Reznik said.

After attending a session with Deepak Chopra, Reznik learned that in order to balance fitness and well-being, one needed to practice both prevention and proactivity.

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CompleteBody compliments its innovative training programs and state of the art equipment with a full service juice bar, first rate physical therapy clinic, and spa service. There are two downtown locations: 19th Street and 10 Hanover Square (CompleteBody’s third location is in the Upper East Side). The FiDi gym serves as the company’s flagship location.

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Following Resnik’s philosophy of “quality, not quantity,” all CompleteBody gyms have a personal feel, from the welcoming staff to the attentiveness of trainers.

“If a member doesn’t come for a couple of months, we don’t wish for them to forget to cancel their membership. We will send them an email to check up on them and see if everything is alright,” Reznik said.

The gyms’ general amenities include basic workout equipment, luxurious locker rooms (equipped with 20 showers, a powder room and laundry service), studios, juice bar and spa rooms. There are different options for different budgets.

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There are over 50 classes, all of which are accessible to members for only $89 a month.

The 19th Street location is a renovated club, formerly known as “Better Body,” that attracted bodybuilders, including Gladys Portugues. This location offers spray tanning and light booths.


Originally built for Goldman Sachs, 10 Hanover Square is 30,000 square feet of fitness sophistication. Facilities include a spin studio by My Ride, a rock-climbing wall and an expanded sauna/steam room.

Appropriate for its Wall Street clientele, this location is exclusive in its services. Members and non-members alike can participate in the CBXT program; a total body workout combining cardio and strength training designed by Reznik himself.


CompleteBody is the first to use the Queenex Suspension Bridge, a suspension-training playground handcrafted in Italy. The studio is also equipped with MYZONE, the heart rate system that monitors heart rate and calories using wireless and cloud technology.

The session consists of high intensity interval training, integrating kettle bells, boxing, rowing and plyometric cardio to name a few. This signature workout builds muscle, improves flexibility, and burns up to and over 1,000 calories.

Class participants have full access to the gym’s sauna, steam rooms, and showers.

Physical therapy is available at all locations. CompleteBody has a team of over 50 certified trainers who provide individualized or goal-orientated programs ranging from basic weight loss and toning, to pre/post-surgery rehabilitation. Trainers are available for in gym and in home sessions.

Active physical therapy patients receive a complimentary gym membership during the course of their treatment. Non-members are also welcome.

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Replenish your fatigued body with the wide offerings of Complete Juices: cold-pressed juices, smoothies, yogurt, fruit bowls and more. Everything is made in-house, notably their almond and peanut butter, and juices are made by high-pressure pascalization. This process doesn’t use heat in extracting the juices, which retains vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Moreover, the juice bar provides different levels of cleanses to detoxify the body and help with nutrient intake.

CompleteBody’s holistic techniques and numerous programs/amenities will be sure to create your ultimate and complete body.

– by Nisha Stickles

*All photos are courtesy of CompleteBody.

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