Signs of the Times

SIGNmation showcases deaf talent with Broadway SIGNs.

An ASL Performance for Regina Comet

“A Commerical Jingle for Reginia Comet” is *running* an ASL-interpreted performance of their show on November 20th at 3pm. The performance is part of a partnership with Broadway SIGNs! and show producer Jo-Ann Dean. Regina Comet is the story of two nobodies dreaming...

A Musical Success for Regina Comet

`What would you do if you finally got your chance to shine? Maybe it’s your first chance. Maybe it’s your last. In A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet, two writers and a diva get that chance when the diva, Regina Comet, hires two jingle writers to create a song for...
What Bloody Man Is That?

What Bloody Man Is That?

The McKittrick Hotel’s flagship production, Sleep No More, has spent the last few years gaining fame and notoriety for...

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