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Dance is a form of expression, brings people of color, gender, age, and ethnicity together. One thing, I’ve always loved about dance is that there are no boundaries, no discrimination of any kind, it’s a forum like no other. Freeing oneself to feel the beat, hear the depth of the music and move to it. 

The New York Hustle Dance community saved me many years ago when I first came to New York City. They opened their arms, and hearts to me accepting me unconditionally. So when they come to me for a favor, I jump with pleasure!

by Abdiel Jacobsen
Kristine Bendul, Broadway veteran, and Abdiel Jacobsen, former Principal Dancer with the Martha Graham Dance Company, met through an incredible course of events in the world of Hustle dance. Although they both have extensive experience in their respective individual careers as performers – over 38 years combined – their partnership began on the social dance floor. 

It was love-at-first-dance and as dedicated members of the Hustle dance community, they decided to forge a new partnership committed to the cultural preservation and artistic evolution of Hustle.

Last year they co-founded  Trān-sēnd’Dæns, a Multi-Media Production and Talent Management Group, which produced their first production: The Color Iz conceived, directed and choreographed by Kristine and Abdiel. Premiered on August 14th, 2019 The Color Iz is a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that gave birth to the Gay Rights Movement while celebrating diverse and inclusive artistic communities of NYC highlighting particularly The Stonewall Inn and Hustle dance.
Save Stone Wall Inn & The Color Iz

The Color Iz

Now the Stonewall Inn is under threat to close permanently due to financial constraints from COVID-19. Unknown to the mainstream, The Stonewall Inn has a second-floor space that is also a place for artists of the LGBTQ+ community of all experiences to come together in creative expression and performance. Kristine and Abdiel wish to use their artistic voices to advocate the importance of this welcoming creative space and its preservation as a national historic landmark.
Save Stone Wall Inn & The Color Iz

Photo credits, Christopher Jones, Cindy Sibilsky

Inspired to help, they decided to offer an online virtual reimagining of The Color Iz for its year anniversary to be streamed on Friday, August 14th at 9 pm EST as a fundraising event to support The Stonewall Inn.
Save Stone Wall Inn & The Color Iz

Photo credits, Christopher Jones, Cindy Sibilsky

Our team at Downtown and all of the Dance Community ask for your help. Please support, every penny counts. Grace A. Capobianco
100% of the donations will go to the Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI).
Donate to view


Once you have donated you will receive a link to view the online event on Friday, August 14th at 9 pm EST.

In addition, you will be sent a separate Zoom link to join the closing online dance party right after the performance hosted by the one and only DJ Jamal Rigault.

Save Stone Wall Inn & The Color Iz

Photo credits, Christopher Jones, Cindy Sibilsky

Abdiel Jacobsen
Mihoko Ninomiya
Smitty Smith
Joana Matos
Social media:
Kristine and Abdiel: kristine_abdiel
Kristine Bendul: IG @kbendulny | FB Kristine Bendul
Abdiel Jacobsen: IG @abdielcedric | FB Abdiel Cedric Jacobsen
Trān-sēnd’Dæns: IG @transenddaens | Trān-sēnd’Dæns
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