Kat-Cashmere Perfect for Summer

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Time to rid the popular misconception that the finest fabric in the fashion industry can only be worn in the winter and spring months. Cashmere is the perfect wear for summer or any of the 365 days of the year.

There are benefits to wearing the softest fabric known to humankind, more than you can count with your fingers. Cashmere is lightweight, breathable, odor resistant and soft to the touch. It’s made from an exclusive wool which is water and fire resistant. On top of that, it absorbs UV radiation and stays cool, so you’ll be just fine under the sun’s rays. Plus it’s sturdy, so it will last a lifetime. Cashmere’s perfect for a night out on the town, on a cool day, a roof top party or a beach bash.

Fashion designer Katerena DePasquale, provides her perspective on cashmere and why it’s the must-have fabric of the summer. DePasquale formerly worked with John Galliano of Christian Dior and now owns and designs her exclusive Mongolian cashmere-only fashion line Kat Cashmere. Her line makes clothing pieces from the finest Cashmere, derived from goats in the Inner Mongolia and Northern China. The products are 100% Cashmere.

DePasquale went with cashmere as the main fabric of her clothing line because of its versatility and superior quality. “Cashmere defines luxury feel,” she explained. “When you wear a cashmere sweater you feel like a million bucks! It is amazing how simple designs can be enhanced by a material’s quality. Cashmere is the finest wool. It is that downy layer of wool from the Cashmere goat.”

DePasquale is especially fond of wearing Cashmere  in the summer months because of its unique qualities and its rich texture. She maintains that “the luxury feel that cashmere connotes is timeless, regardless of season.”

DePasquale is most excited about her cream colored Brea crew-neck sweater in 1 ply. It “works well for warmer months. When I designed this piece I was thinking about the beach; it is ideal for a walk along the ocean. However, it is also great for any summer occasion: day looks, evening events. You can pair with white jeans for a classier look, or you can wear it with jean shorts for a more relaxed, casual feel.”

A simple essential like a light sweater or cardigan is a necessity in anyone’s wardrobe. So this summer, why not go for the finest of fabrics: cashmere.

– Mariah Brown


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