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Author, business strategist and leadership guru Kevin Kelly’s new book Do! is the culmination of his life experiences, client work and keynote insights, highlighting the thinking behind those who live and breathe the exceptional execution mindset and approach to business and life. Over the past 18 months Kevin has toured the world in search of companies that live this ethos – the book is the result of this journey.

He highlights what makes exceptional businesses and their leaders—which he dubs the “Xceptionalists”—succeed beyond all odds, and features exclusive interviews with the entrepreneurs behind fast-growing, innovative companies from around the world such as Dwolla, considered as one of the top ten disruptive technologies in the world by, Globant, the fastest growing company in South America with 130m in revenues, Outfit 7, the creators of the talking tom app with over 1.2billion downloads  and others.

DO! focuses on the power of simple execution, and how it’s the single defining variable in why some entrepreneurs experience unprecedented success. “You don’t have to be Einstein or Jobs. Your product doesn’t have to be a Bentley or a Stradivarius. And your service doesn’t have to be a Hulu or a Dropbox,” Kelly says. “You must simply find an ordinary idea, and implement that idea with xceptional xecution.”

Kelly’s passion for leading by example drove him to set himself the ultimate task in his home country – writing a best-selling motivational title—the first of its kind in Ireland—quickly sold 15,000 books in the country.

Over the next few years he penned Life—A Trip Towards Trust, a semi-autobiographical story of his life, and Basics Before Buzz, a business book written with the help of the Great Places To Work Institute.

He followed this book with a move into the mobile market with the production of three Cd’s Compelling Communication Strategies, Setting, Getting and Forgetting Goals, and Good Enough-Now Go Get It.

Most recently  Kevin made a real and meaningful attempt to communicate with one of the most vulnerable demographics on the planet in a style and language they love – manga  a graphic novel Xceptionalize-Success Secrets for Students.

The book has already been endorsed by many New York Times best-selling authors including business Guru and author Tom Peters whose comments feature on the front cover:

“Now I can retire in peace. Kevin Kelly has written the book I always wanted to write. And he’s done it to the point of perfection—calling it xceptional execution.”

For more information about Kevin Kelly, please visit: kevinkellyunlimited.com/blog/

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