Bitcoin ATM arrives Downtown

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In today’s world, everything is becoming automated. Is cash going to be the next thing to virtually disappear from our society? Last Thursday evening, the first Bitcoin A.T.M debuted at the boutique Flat 128 in the heart of West Village. Analysts of Bitcoin say that the new A.T.M. might be the future of banking, eventually making all money digital.

Bitcoin is a medium that falls between physical currency and digital. The use of Bitcoin A.T.Ms reduces the hassle of online exchanges and appeals to those who do not have a traditional bank account.

Currently, the machine only allows users to deposit cash in exchange for Bitcoins which can be accessed from personal, virtual accounts. Bitcoins can be used at all retailers that accept the currency. First, customers have to get accustomed to converting their real money into digital code.

If you’re around the area, the Bitcoin A.T.M, signifying the new and revolutionary way of digital currency, can be found at Flat128 on 15 Christopher Street in Lower Manhattan.

-Lauren Price

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