Why You Should Book an Employee Shuttle Service for Your Business

by | Aug 4, 2020 | City News, Lifestyle, Travel

Although many employees in NYC have started to return to the workplace, people are understandably still hesitant to take public transportation. If your business needs a team working on-site, an employee shuttle service offers a safe way to get everyone to the office while avoiding contact with large crowds. 

Here are a few reasons your company may want to opt for an employee shuttle service during these difficult times. And if any of these reasons are convincing to you, Easy Charter Bus can help you find the private buses and minibusses your company needs. Just give them a call at 718-502-9983 to arrange your private shuttle service. 

1. A shuttle is safer than public transportation.

Public buses and trains carry thousands of people each day, and you have no control over how often they’re cleaned. On a private shuttle, your employees will only be exposed to people they already work with, and you can decide whether to require masks and temperature checks for all passengers. 

Easy Charter Bus only works with highly professional, certified drivers, and your driver will wear a mask and sanitize all high-touch surfaces regularly. You can also choose the size of your bus to allow for social distancing. Have 25 employees in need of a shuttle but want a 56-person bus so everyone has an empty seat next to them? They can do that. 

2. Shuttles follow your preferred route and schedule. 

Even during normal times, a shuttle can go to destinations the subway may not reach. If you have employees who live in Sunnyside but your office is in Midtown Manhattan, a shuttle can pick them up and take them straight to the office, with no bus or train transfers required. 

A private charter bus also runs on your schedule. No more worrying about the A breaking down during rush hour or the 4 closings for repairs at night when many of your employees work third shift. Let Easy Charter Bus know when you need the shuttle and where you’d like it to go, and they’ll create a route and schedule that will work for you. 


Why You Should Book an Employee Shuttle Service for Your Business


3. Your employees can relax on a shuttle. 

The subway isn’t designed for individual comfort, especially during rush hour. When you offer a private shuttle service, your employees don’t have to squeeze in between hundreds of people and spend the entire trip standing. Your private charter bus will have enough seats for everyone, and you can request reclining seats if your employees want to nap or relax on the way to work.

Got coworkers who need to stay productive? You can ask for power outlets and WiFi so they can answer emails or finish up presentations while heading to the office. And no one has to fear standing on a freezing cold or boiling hot subway platform while waiting for a trainall of the buses in our network have climate control to keep your team comfortable. 

4. Shuttles keep employees happy and appeal to new recruits.

New York City has one of the most competitive job markets in the world. If you want to attract and retain highly qualified employees, you’re going to have to offer more than just health insurance. A shuttle can help improve your employees’ quality of life by keeping them comfortable during their 30- or 45-minute commute to work. They’ll have time to listen to a podcast or read a book without being jostled by their neighbors or using up their data.


A shuttle service also offers a great way to stand out when searching for new talent. People who aren’t native to NYC may be hesitant to navigate several trains and buses, especially in the midst of COVID-19, and driving in New York can be an intimidating prospect. By offering a shuttle service, you can promise your employees clean, private, easy-to-use transportation. 

Set Up an Employee Shuttle Service in NYC

If you decide an employee shuttle bus service may be right for your team, Easy Charter Bus can help. They live up to their name when it comes to helping businesses set up employee shuttle services. Just call 718-502-9983 and let them know how many people you need to transport, when and where you need a shuttle, and which amenities you’d like. They’ll set up a long-term contract that works for you. 




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