Why 2016 Wasn’t The Worst Year Ever

by | Jan 17, 2017 | News

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Calling all New Yorkers and lovers of life alike, let us bid farewell to the year of 2016; a time that may have been better for some than others. Whether 2016 was full of glorifying moments — or moments we prayed to never resurface in our memory — we all can admit to at least one part about this highly-controversial year: it wasn’t boring.

So why exactly is 2016 deemed as the worst year ever? Maybe there was a bit of disruption in the world of peace and everything sweet, but let’s be real, what year ever goes down without a little bit of bad to go with the good? While there might be many non-believers that detest the idea of 2016 having just as many wonderful moments as it did of lesser ones, we all cannot deny another part of this past year and that is it’s cold-hard-facts.

In 2016, we welcomed our U.S. astronauts’ safe arrival home from nearly a year spent away in the expanse of the universe, setting a new record for the most time spent in space by an American! Astronomers announced the discovery of an Earth-like planet named Proxima B, while a huge thanks went out to U.S. defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter, for lifting Pentagon’s ban on the transgendered community. Let us not forget about Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win which was a long time coming after his five nominations for Best Actor. With just a little glimpse into the positives that accompanied 2016, we can begin to give this year much more recognition than it was originally credited for. We’d name the rest of 2016’s highlights here but that would really take the fun out of the surprise.

By viewing Bargainfox’s article titled Why 2016 Wasn’t The Worst Year Ever, you can gain an in-depth perspective of why ‘16 had more moments to rejoice in than one would have initially thought — trust us:  it’ll make for great conversation:


Illustrations provided by Bargainfox.

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