trèStiQue co-founder Jennifer Kapahi on makeup hacks, summer travel, and her unique new line for busy women everywhere

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Fashion, Holiday Gift Guide, Lifestyle

Tinted Moisturizer by trèStiQue

Tinted Moisturizer by trèStiQue

How many times have you stuck your finger in your purse looking for your lipstick, only to find it uncapped, and all over your finger?

A million, says Jennifer Kapahi, co–founder of the new beauty line, trèStiQue, which is based in Chelsea.

“From an engineering perspective, it’s actually extremely difficult to make due to the structure,” she said. “We are the first to make an airtight magnetic mechanical pencil.”

After joining forces with fellow industry veteran Jack Bensason, trèStiQue was founded with a mission to simplify how we use, apply, and carry makeup. Making contouring as easy as swiping on a few lines with a few crayons in 30 seconds flat, the collection offers new generation textures to “enhance—not cover up—the real you.”

trèStiQue's Jennifer Kapahi & Jack Bensason

trèStiQue’s Jennifer Kapahi & Jack Bensason

Designed to be gym and travel-friendly, especially during summer, all of the brand’s products are also free of synthetic fragrances, talc, parabens, and petrochemicals.

Some people think of moisture and oil in the summer and immediately think: breakouts. But Kapahi says that moisture comes in all formats, and that the cream-gel based combination is “extremely breathable and lightweight on the skin.”

The pocket-sized “trèbebe Contour Kit,” for example, features three “baby” sticks for bronzing, highlighting, and blushing, making what seemed like an intimidating and complex routine literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.

After working with big names like Bloomingdales and Revlon, starting her own company was always the next logical step, she says.

“It was in a way like doing a long, extended graduate business program,” explained Kapahi. “I always knew I was going to start my own company one day, so I used all my industry experience as education and preparation.” 

For more info on trèStiQue, click on over to The brand can also be followed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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