Seaport Food Lab – a different gastronomic experience at a cocktail party

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Bars, Dining, Featured, Featured, Spirits

Seaport Food Lab, a pop-up cocktail party, took place at Pier 17 Rooftop bar R17, from October 22nd and November 23rd. Attendees taste drink mixtures by acclaimed mixologists, as well as unique food creations by chefs Mark Ladner and Wylie Dufresne (Du’s Donuts owner). A new mixologist takes over each week, and the chefs design new menus to match the drink menu.

Downtown Magazine had the chance to experience the last week of Food Lab. The mixologist in residence was Ivy Mix, co-owner of Brooklyn’s Leyenda and named Best American Bartender in 2015 by Tales of the Cocktail. She celebrated her passion for Latin America with great mixes.

The flavors selected by the chefs created an amazing and fun gastronomic experience with dishes like “Puffed Cheddar Cheese Doodles” and the “Foiecamole,” a combination of foie gras, avocado, and other seasonings. Also, check out chef Wylie’s Dufresne’s tequila donut, which was definitely a hit! Chef Mark Ladner even challenge people to experience shots of a special olive oil – and it actually tastes good! 

Check out the video with some of the event’s highlights:



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