Performing Artists

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I sit here with sun rays beaming through my window, and I look out over the vast new luxury high-rises and newly present nooks and crannies that weren’t visible as recently as this time last year.

With every change of a season, as cliché as it may be, I’m always struck by how quickly time flies.

Then again, living in New York City, I’m also impressed with how much we can accomplish in such a short amount of time when we put our minds to it whether it’s calling for action from our political leaders, adding new architecture to our iconic skyline, or transforming an entire floor from a raw space into an artistic wonderland.


Performing Artists

Cover Fall 2017 By Nigel Barker


And then there’s the change you can make in yourself with hard work, dedication, and passion.


Read about our cover talent, shot by the incredible Nigel Barker, and learn how this man from a small American town was able to do what he loves with talent, a strong mind, and an even stronger physique.


The 2017 Art issue cover came about because of my long term relationship with the founder of DogPound Kirk Myers. First, he was my personal trainer, then he became Downtown’s first fitness editor and quickly turned into a dear friend, who had dreams of his own.

Preforming Artists

DogPound New York IG

We discussed how we could showcase artists, but artists and art come in many different shapes, sizes and forms, not just ones with a brush or camera but athletes.


Performing Artists

By Nigel Barker


Looking at him now, you wouldn’t think that Kirk Myers used to be overweight.



Performing Artists

Kirk Myers then and now


“I was uneducated about healthy eating,” he begins.

“I drank ‘skim’ chocolate milk and thought it was healthy,” he adds with a smile.

Now, knowing much better, he’s come a long way. He credits much of it to education and preparation. And that’s exactly why he’s taken on a more educational approach to fitness.

As the owner of the popular NYC and LA gym the Dogpound, Kirk Myers’ body is one of his most important tools. To work the hours he does training his clients and running a business in NYC endurance and strength are key.

“I think most people who have their own business understand that it doesn’t come overnight. It takes years and years of grinding and learning from your mistakes,” he says.

Performing Artists

DogPound IG Victoria Models


“You must also be open to change, open to feedback, and eager to improve your craft at all times, in every aspect. If your business is not growing, you are dying.”

And even though his business is growing, he keeps a focus on the individual.

For Kirk, it all comes down to training and making a difference for other people.


Performing Artists

DogPound LA IG

“You can really change people’s lives and the way they feel day to day,” he says. “That’s something that I can’t get enough of, it really is priceless.” Kirk Myers DogPound 

This article ran Art Issue Downtown 2017

Special thanks to for this shoot location to The Silverstein Organization; our incredible Board Chairman Dara McQuillan, Chief Marketing Officer at Silverstein, his guidance and belief in what we do here at Downtown each and every day is so vitally important to who we are as a brand.




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