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Downtown New York City is coming clean!


We know that many of us are feeling uncertainty with the ongoing COVID pandemic, working remotely, worrying about the financial impact, the unrest in our political system, working hard to keep our loved ones safe, managing strain and stress from almost every angle, and some days not knowing where to turn for a reprieve.

Just maybe there is a silver lining or at least a place where we can give to ourselves the self-care we desperately need and it’s right here in Lower Manhattan.

Brookfield Place a shopping, dining, and cultural destination located on the Hudson River in Battery Park is now offering a health and wellness destination, Clean Market just opened its first location in Lower Manhattan.

Clean Market’s modern wellness store and innovative services to the Lower Manhattan neighborhood was the natural next step for the concept store as workers and locals looking for a place to restore and unwind.

Guests can explore Clean Market’s wellness shop and experience IV Nutrient Therapy in their NutriDrip IV Drip Lounge. Infrared sauna and cryotherapy services will be opened this winter.



Clean Market

“We are thrilled to open Clean Market at Brookfield Place.

In an area with many businesses and locals, the store is the perfect destination to restore and recharge throughout the day to feel your best during these unprecedented times. We will be welcoming visitors to our wellness shop and IV drip lounge, and soon expanding services to include our infrared sauna and cryotherapy treatments,” said Clean Market Co-Founder Lily Kunin.

“The opening of Clean Market at Brookfield Place will allow visitors to enjoy a full suite of curated wellness services – an amenity offering that has quickly become highly sought-after during this time,” said Callie Haines, Executive Vice President, Brookfield Properties. “We’re proud to bring Clean Market to Brookfield Place, and confident New Yorkers and visitors alike will enjoy this experience during a time where we all need some self-care and a wellness reprieve    



Clean Market


Clean Market’s Brookfield Place treatments and amenities include

  • IV drips | increases energy, strengthens the immune system, improves detox, boosts metabolism, reduces stress, and more.
  • Modern apothecary & wellness shop| stocked with Lily Kunin-approved clean body & beauty products, medical-grade supplements, healthy snacks, and more.
  • Whole-body cryotherapy | speeds up healing & muscle recovery, boosts metabolism and energy, burns up to 400 calories in 3 minutes, and more. (Coming Soon)
  • Infrared saunas | enhance detox, boosts metabolism and immune system, support weight loss (burn up to 600 calories a session), and more. (Coming Soon)
  • Organic Café with grab-and-go options | (Coming Soon)

Stay tuned as we sample first hand our new modern Clean Market!

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