What Are Your Options if You Need a COVID-19 Test in NYC?

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If you have a sore throat, a cough, or other possible symptoms of COVID-19, getting tested as soon as possible means you’ll know if you need to self-isolate to protect other people. It also means that you can get the right kind of help quickly if your symptoms get out of control. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get tested in New York City.

Go to a testing center

There are COVID-19 testing centers throughout the city, including drive-through centers, which enable you to minimize contact with other people. Due to high demand, you should make an appointment before you go. People in high-risk groups are prioritized. There is no charge for this service.



What are your options if you need a COVID-19 test in NYC?




Get a COVID-19 test at home

If you’re feeling really ill or if you don’t want to travel for safety reasons, there’s always the option of getting a COVID test at home. Simply call 917-274-7734 to arrange a visit and an EMT or paramedic will normally be with you within just a few hours. You’ll be invited to discuss your symptoms and the test will be administered. Two to three days later you will be contacted with the results. Most major insurers cover this.

ReliefSeeker.com president, Andrew McDermott said that Ready’s new COVID Test offering is already seeing “incredible demand” and that “people are finding it much more convenient to have a test administered right at home or work and eliminate an extra trip to an urgent care center or another testing facility where they could be at risk for infection.”

Get a same-day test at home

If your circumstances mean that you’re at high risk, if you look after somebody in a high-risk group, or if you simply can’t afford to take more than one day off work, it is possible to arrange to get your results on the same day that you’re tested. Just call the number above and explain your situation. This is also possible if you’re simply feeling too worried to wait longer.

What happens next?

While you wait for the results of your test, it’s important to behave as if you’re infected. Keep your distance from other people as much as possible. Unless you live alone, bathroom sanitation is especially important. Remember that products containing soap or alcohol can prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

If you get a positive test result, you should continue to isolate for two weeks from the day when your symptoms first developed. If at the end of that time, you feel healthy again, you can go back to normal. If your temperature remains high even after you’ve taken acetaminophen, or if you have serious difficulty breathing, call 911 for assistance.


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