Paradoxity: Popular Pop-up Exhibit Takes Guests Into Deep Thinking

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Paradoxity, which opened at 10 Greene Street, SoHo October 24 and runs through November 24, invites guests to venture urban life with a theme of paradox.

Influencer Karina Blackwood at Paradoxity, Photo Courtesy of Sandy Fan

Paradoxity, meaning “paradox in the city,” uses city as a prototype. 

Paradoxity features four large settings, Nowhere Station, Green Pollution, Transparent Bathroom, and Addictive Office. These four settings, respectively, illustrate the ideas of the sense of being lost in life, environmental issues, privacy and sexuality issues, and working pressure. 

Influencer Carty Caruso at Paradoxity, Photo Courtesy of Sandy Fan

Paradoxity is more than a space for “Instagram-friendly” pictures. 

Throughout the exhibition, designers embed their reflections upon both the ever-busy city life and the humanities through a variety of visual devices and plenty of interactive installations. While encouraging its audience to interact with the installations, the team at Paradoxity also prompts the audience to explore these issues further and arrive at a new understanding of their city. 

Influencer Katerina Smolianinova at Paradoxity, Photo Courtesy of Sandy Fan

All designs are created by student designers from the Top 4 Design Schools in NYC.

This exhibition is organized by the four art schools’ CSSAs (Chinese Students and Scholars Associations in Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Art and Fashion Institute of Technology). They want to strengthen their partnership and create a friendly atmosphere for teamwork among the designers. CSSAs aim not only to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, but also to build a space for interdisciplinary art practices. Paradoxity has eight designers specialized in different fields including interior design, graphic design, industrial design, and fashion design. 

Sustainability is highly valued by the team, therefore, some installations are made from trash which was collected from streets in New York City. Paradoxity will donate its profits to other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to environmental issues and sexual politics. 

Influencer Bella Dong at Paradoxity, Photo Courtesy of Sandy Fan

Read more about the exhibit through

Instagram: @paradoxitynyc

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