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There’s nothing better than owning products that are crafted personally just for you. After all, one size never truly ‘fits all.’ Nikki Kaufman, creator of Normal, believes that consumers deserve products that are as unique as they are. A rapidly rising company, Normal revolutionizes the music listening experience by creating custom, 3D printed earphones.

Upon walking into Normal’s flagship store in Chelsea customers notice two giant ears in place of door handles on the main entrance. The 11,000 square foot location holds the store, the corporate offices, and the factory. On the sales floor, you can actually see the ten Fortus 250mc 3D printers in action.

To purchase a set of Normal earphones, customers can download the Normal app, available in both the Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The app will direct the user to take a photo of each ear while holding a quarter by it for size reference. Users can then select the colors of the ear piece, the driver housing, and the plug housing. Other customizable features include the choice between a standard cable length (1130 mm) or the longer cable (1605 mm), and the option to create a custom, laser etched carrying case created as a perfect fit for your earphones only.

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There are a number of benefits to using custom earphones, besides the fact that they’re one-of-a-kind. The color customizable “Soft Touch” coating makes the earpieces feel natural, rather than the typical hard plastic sensation. The 14 mm neodymium dynamic driver, along with the bass tube, boost sound quality and bass for that extra intensity. The casing on the headphones is anodized to help prevent corrosion, providing extra protection. The earphones also come with removable cables, so that users can vary the chord length if desired. All cables also include a 3.5mm gold plated jack and a three button control, allowing it to play, pause, adjust volume or answer a phone call–these actions are compatible with any smart phone.

Every set of earphones is created in Normal’s store, at “the factory.” If you live in Manhattan, your order will be delivered by courier in as little as two day of ordering. Or you can head directly to the Chelsea flagship to pickup your earphones less than 48 hours of placing the order. While waiting to pick up your order or place your order you can enjoy some complimentary coffee and music from guest DJs. Any order outside of Manhattan can also be delivered in as little as 48 hours. All order and delivery times are subject to change based on volume of orders as well as time of order.

Your music preferences are unique; you deserve earphones that are as personalized as the track lists they play.

Visit Normal today, at 150 West 22nd Street, Chelsea. Or download the Nrml app.

– Kamil Sokolowski

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