No7 Launches New Makeup for Millennials

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Lifestyle


No7 is making a strategic step forward. The leading beauty brand in the U.K. has created a new skin-care line aimed directly towards millennials. The millennial generation is currently 1/4th of the population, thus the ability to attract these age consumers is extremely lucrative.

The new skin care collection, available in stores in September, is titled “Early Defense.” Raw scientific data is the source of inspiration for this new skin care line. No7 conducted a study with over 2,200 millennial women, and found the leading concerns for these women were skin imperfections such as acne, dark spots, and general complexion flaws.


The “Early Defense” collection made up of a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream follows the PET approach: Prevention, Enhancement, Treatment. The line is revolutionary in its simplicity. There are not dozens of products to remember to use at different times of the day, there are merely three. The accessible collection has the potential to drastically alter one’s complexion and prevent the need for dermatologic action in the future. The day cream has an SPF of 30, as sun protection is the most essential way to prevent visible signs of aging. The eye cream is intended for the eyelids and under eyes and the night cream should be used on the face as well as neck and chest. The company estimates user’s skin will begin to look clearer in a mere 27 days, if products are used consistently. Most importantly, the “Early Defense” collection will delay the inevitable signs of aging on one’s skin.

No7 is also debuting their “Match Made Service” cosmetic line as well as the “Early Defense” collection in September. No7 conducted a large academic study and found dismaying results: 83% of women would use a different foundation than their current routine. Foundation is not the only source of women’s dissatisfaction; the results of the study displayed how most woman would alter the majority of their regular makeup products if given better options.


In an attempt to please the consumer, No7 created a “Match Made Service” technology. A small machine is placed against one’s cheek for ten seconds and then a skin shade is identified and displayed on a small screen of the machine. This skin tone is then used to label the perfect foundation, identify the correct blush family for the skin tone, and offer lipstick color suggestions that best fit the complexion.

No7 is doing what all makeup brands aspire to do, create products women need and desire. The company’s new products are not only scientifically tested and successful, they are also affordable. The products range from $9.99 to around $25. The must buy products can be found at Target and Walgreens in September.

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