Meet the brand Beamina, with handbags designed by mother-daughter

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We all love things made by children, because they always put their hearts into it. And when you create something with love, the final product is always great. That’s what makes Beamina such an unique and inspiring brand. The handbags are designed by a 12-year-old child with a big heart. 

Bags with purpose

Paulina Anchia, fondly nicknamed Amina, by her brother, has been sewing since the age of 6, after getting her first sewing machine. She would create bags and clothing pieces to sell to friends and family, then she donated all the proceeds to children in need. Paulina’s mother, Beatriz Martinez, decided to help her to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, and together they created the brand Beamina, in 2018. 

Puerto Rican Mother-daughter use their creativity and humanitarian heart to help their local community through their bags. A percentage of the proceeds is donated to the Ricky Martin Foundation, that is committed to denouncing human trafficking in the world. “We want to urge people to feel the responsibility to spread the feeling of feeling powerful and limitless when you set your heart to it. We want to be contagious, we want you to Beamina”.

Unique designs

Beamina’s designs are fun, with unique interior drawing, created by Paulina. The Fearless collection is the brand’s most iconic design. The bags are not only super stylish, but also versatile: designed to be used for day or night, casual or more elegant occasions. The Fearless bags are also handsfree, so they fit perfectly with today’s dynamic lifestyle.

Although the brand is in its early stages, it has a lot of potential to grow. Beamina’s bags have purpose, style and a beautiful background story.

Fearless Collection

Paulina Anchia with a Fearless Bag

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